Price of the 12

October 3, 2021, 9:01 pm
Price of the 12
Price of the 12.9 inch M1 iPad Pro 2TB + magic keyboard + apple pencil in Bosnia in Apple retailer store

Overpriced for what it is

Not much cheaper in the uk for the same things but honestly you dont need the 2TB version. Better off saving the 1000 for the memory and buying cloud storage if you need that much space since it would take 11 years to spend 1000 on 2TB iCloud storage tier. The keyboard itself costs as much as an iPhone 11 here (yes, the price of an iPhone 11. So either a keyboard or a new phone).

Now do the same with brazil :)

Bruh only the iPad is 5200 dollars in my country

At this price, I won`t even consider these

Your fault for being broke and not robbing banks

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