Pretty disappointed in my @Garmin Connect app for recommending

June 20, 2022, 6:31 pm
Pretty disappointed in my @Garmin Connect app for recommending
Pretty disappointed in my Connect app for recommending cutting calories to lower my BMI. I am happy and healthy where I am! The app that goes with my watch could use some updating. Id love to work with them to implement more body positive changes.

I cant use their fitness age feature because it requires you to input weight which is something I dont track for a lot of reasons. Its a huge bummer. Would love to see them omit weight in some, if not all, of their algorithms.

Garmin is a hardware company that does one thing really well - GPS measured performance. They make the mistake of thinking this success applies everywhere, even in areas where they have no demonstrated expertise.

Most smartwatch recommendations are meaningless. Smartwatches are great for mileage, pace, and (sometimes) HR. Little else

Oh yeah, thats crazy! BMI honestly isnt a good measure of health for anyone. Get a BIA-based body composition test (such as or a DEXA scan to see the most accurate results regarding lean mass, fat mass, and visceral fat, the more important measures.

Garmin metrics are total bollocks. Dont give it the time of day

I totally agree, BMI really isnt a good measure for muscular athletes. please update your app (and I highly recommend working with to help with this!)

Im surprised that with all the great updates to their hardware with the most recent line of watches, they havent made any updates to their software! Its time!

Garmin physiological kpis are really BS

The BMI is an obsolete parameter I recently switched to Coros, and although it is geared more towards running, has some great info it can capture.

Oh yes, Garmin wants you to log fluid intake, too. Why healthy people should bother with logging how much water they drink is beyond me. The body has a perfectly good system for regulating that, after all. It`s called "thirst".

It`s not It`s BMI that is trash. Literally worthless.

Switch to Oooooof. Like, major oof. The training load/training status algorithm also needs some major updating. The entire Connect app is full of some really yucky advice.

Only if youre completely free of muscle does bmi matter.

come on Garmin. you can do better. BMI is not as relevant for athletes as for other folks...

Agreed. The training status should get reworked as well. Unproductive is really not a good word, especially since Garmin doesn`t ask what`s your actual race goal. I`m training for a 145km, and need more than 2h long runs, obviously...

Yep, BMI most certainly isn`t a great measure for athletes and many folk

That`s horrendous do better. Gah. BMI just isnt a good measure for athletes. Muscle density is very different.

What the actual hell. So disappointing, Garmin!

Yes, this is pretty annoying. Mine is suggesting that I could loose 13kg... there is no way that`s healthy

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