PlayStation is always giving is customers free goodies

January 22, 2021, 2:46 am
PlayStation is always giving is customers free goodies
PlayStation is always giving is customers free goodies. As a PlayStation owner this makes me very happy. Its Resident Evil Village exclusive PS5 demo time!

It Is . if you think that removing content from a platform only for money is not anti consumer there is a big problem, i tell you that and im a ps5 player too...

No doubt. I`m absolutely LOVING my Ps5 btw. I hope you`re loving yours.

Same , but why you say that ? Its very anti-consumer ... Correct. And I tell you what, IF the Ps5 gets a 6 months/year long exclusivity for Gta 6, there are no words to express enough just how beneficial that`d be for Sony. Just a rumour at thos stage of course.

@TripleFuture37 This is also obvious but Ill state it anyway. Very few people would buy a PS5 over other platforms because of an RE demo. But the value of buying PlayStation is CONTINUOUS exclusives and bonuses. They all add up and make PS a tempting console to buy.

Ok but you haven`t answered my question. How does ps being the only platform that has the demo make you happier as a result? If other platforms had access to the demo would that take away from your happiness or enjoyment in any way?

If people are constantly complaining that Playstation is getting exclusive stuff then maybe you should start buying playstation stuff since apparently you want thier content more than xbox`s

It makes ps the only platform that can play the DEMO but how does it make ps the best place to play the game when the full game releases?

The RE village is coming out on other platforms anyways (1) so if the demo of this game, that will be coming to other platforms anyways, also came out on those other platforms would that shorten the range of gaming experiences PS player have access to? And if so how does it?

How does this make consumers happy? Does knowing that other people on other platforms can`t play a demo of a game that will be available on thoes platforms anyways make you happy? And if it does, why?

Plaaaaaaayyyyyyssssstttttaaaaaayyyyyyyttttttiiiiooooooonnnnnn Xbox

Mine wouldn`t load.

Just downloaded it now

I see no mention of psvr ... Is anything known about it ?

People really happy for a demo that will only make you mad wow

the demo is like 30 mins long lol no combat. relax

I can wait, no prolema.

True ! Please give us ur feedback on the demo too soon :)

It`s ready Calm down this "demo" is weak sauce

So... don`t come cry when ES6, Fallout 6, Fallout Next and Starfild will be exclusive

Good luck trying to track it down on the store, because it is down for maintenance or cant cope with the amount of people looking for a demo

Same here ! As a 90s kid, I do appreciate the constant releases & deals theyre making for gamers.. they truly came a long way.. despite the heat they get sometimes, they know how to flip the tables

Xboxers: Cant wait to play it

Why make the demo exclusive I hate it when Sony does this

PS store crashed for me...

Playstation is the best pro-Playstation consumer there is. Let the haters, hate. Theyve been getting hate since 2006 and theyre just growing stronger along with their fanbase

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