PlayStation dudes think they running at 120fps when they

April 26, 2022, 9:46 am
PlayStation dudes think they running at 120fps when they
PlayStation dudes think they running at 120fps when they enable VRR

Yeah I`ve seen some ridiculous comments. They think it enables Ray tracing and 120hz in every game. Clues clowns

Xbot dudes think they have games...... No xbox dudes are to try and get that WIN

2 features that are relatively niche on PS5. Not exactly vital things now?

They should have got a Series S if 120hz is what they wanted

I play grid at 120 fps its nice , cant wait for that game to get VRR

No one will care, PS5 target market is mostly fortnite and spiderman teens I don`t think any will care about vrr or even 4k.

I think you are mistaken it is folks like yourself the Xbox dudes that think that way .

Its ok Smovve we know youre in your feelings Uhm yeah. Theoretically possible if a game on playstation didn`t limit something to a framerate lower than 120 I suppose? lol

Vrr will make the game run smooth without the repeat frames on low frame games also so you dont get the shudder

Xbox dudes think they running at 120fps when they enable VRR

No they dont gives you a boost of fps fidelity mode 40 fps with 120 fps enabled and with vrr when it comes it will be above 40 fps ..only you think this no one else

I hope u dont get another mental breakdown. Btw hows the xbox 2022 line so far?

Oh? I thought they got 999 FPS... guess I heard wrong

I mean supported 60 fps games getting unlocked framrates hitting close to 120 fps means its kinda true.

They dont even understand what it is it doesnt raise from rates ffs, it masks dropped frames. Jesus these people

Prepare to have a meltdown again Smoove. You should be happy about getting more out of a system you supposedly own Playstation dudes are also now running with PS5 is now full RDNA 2 because of VRR they seem to think VRR is an RDNA 2 feature

Shows how little they know about technology

This is literally what xbox gamer claimed lol. Isn`t this what happened with flight simulator??

PS5 supports 120fps for games before VRR releases.

Xbox has had VRR since launch. Lol. Sony has a lot of catching up to do Playstation dudes are busy PLAYING GAMES!

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