Pixel Watch

January 22, 2022, 7:43 am
Pixel Watch
Pixel Watch Im hearing that Google is planning on launching it on Thursday, May 26th over year since we leaked it. This is the first weve seen a set date on the device behind the scenes. Google is known for pushing back dates but if they do, well know

I am hoping this is true because dear lord I need to replace my Galaxy Watch 3 and have been delaying for this.

O hell yes!!! Finally going to ditch this POS Samsung!!

Would hope it`s not as bug filled as the Pixel 6

I hope they don`t look like the pic...looks too feminine

I might finally consider getting a real smartwatch. Hope it`s Snapdragon 4100 series?

Cant wait for another immensely disappointing piece of hardware by Google plagued by bugs & having horrendous battery life

Pixel watch, Pixel Fold and Pixel 6a all on the same day would be fantastic

When do you think we`ll get an announcement for the watch?

Just in time for my graduation present

I can`t wait to buy one of these bad boys

If it`s thin enough and has at least 2 days battery, I might give it a chance.

Can`t wait for this. Come on pull it out the bag. You`ve had long enough now to get this right 1st time.

So purddy here`s to hoping it`ll come with Tensor

Finally. Been waiting to get rid of this galaxy watch 4 since they wouldn`t help when I reported having an allergic reaction to materials used in the watch band.

This and Pixel Fold would really convince me to switch from iPhone

any news about price ?

A few days before my bday. Know what I`ll be buying myself!

Hopefully then updates the watch with Google assistant not Bixby

Any news about pixel fold?

Same release day as the pixel fold / passport / note-pad ???

I already have one ;) I love my pixel 6 pro after Jan. Update phone is even smoother looking forward to see what improvement we get in Feb and march

Hell yeah woo hoo I`m so excited right after my bday

Good thing that they didn`t come out early. Otherwise I would`ve bought it and would be regret ting right now like pixel 6 pro.

Preorder now and get 100 exclusive bugs for FREE!!

This makes me think a lot. Pixel fold, Pixel watch, (maybe) Pixel 6a?? I mean tbh that seems like the right date for Google IO... maybe all those coming that day at the event?

Can`t be arsed waiting anymore going to get fenix 7

May 26th for & yall better have yall wallets ready More waiting for us

My child is coming

Along with Google IO ?

Let me put a reminder for 4 months. Jon and Google.... How do you plan upto 4 months????

Setting its launch date 4 months in advance?

Will the fold be released on the same day too?

I cant wait to see this!!!

Who the f*** buys any smartwatch?

Is this the Google I/O DATE?

The dates so far away :(

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