pixel 6 or iphone 13 Flip a coin or

October 28, 2021, 1:22 am
pixel 6 or iphone 13 Flip a coin or
pixel 6 or iphone 13

Flip a coin or throw a dart and see which it hits?

Pixel 6 pro. Just got mine today and I love it

I actually own both. Iphone 13 pro max and the Google pixel 6. They are definitely best of both worlds so it`s really if you like iOS or Android more. If I had to choose tho I`m picking one tho iphone 13 the battery life is just in its own planet.

I want a pixel 6 but with apples ecosystem so I have an iPhone 13

Pixel 6 pro for me personally but the iPhone is really good!

Google made a great phone but think ima go with iPhone 13 pro max

iPhone 13 is a really powerful phone and it puts the pixel on its toes . Both are great phones but the iPhone isn`t as bad as the pixel Lovers would want it to be as compared to the pixel 6

Switched from pixel 2 to iphone 11 pro. I really regret it, Im waiting to switch to pixel 6 pro now :)

Own your technology don`t get owned, buy the Pixel 6 Pro.

Anything not iPhone is the correct answer.. I only have a couple days left with the 12 and I`ll never be looking back to Apple again. Android/Google are light-years better than Apple will ever be.

Depends what you want your phone to do and how you use it.

iPhone 13. Used android since 2011, owned Pixel 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. Got frustrated with how quickly the pixels degraded and moved to 12 pro max

6>13 Not in math........ but in this case, correct After nearly a decade of Android, including rooting and lots of customization, I switched to an iPhone 11 Pro after getting an iPad Pro and loving it. Just upgraded to the 13 Pro and couldn`t be happier. Honestly, they`re both great, though.

Hmm I`m shocked you are asking this question but it`s ok we`re here to help. The only correct answer is PIXEL 6 Pixel 6 for sure. Mine just arrived this afternoon and it rocks!

If you enjoy apple ecosystem, then that is the answer for you. If you enjoy open system and use for all Google and third party. Then Google. Must I`ve noticed alot of apple people use Google software, apps and chrome anyway.

Both... Pixel 6 Pro and Google`s ecosystem. Left Apple 3 yrs back and won`t look back.

Which ever one you wish to buy. Both will do you proud. I give praise to these 2 amazing companies and Were very lucky in this day and age to be at this level of tech in our pockets.

Well I guess the question is: How many Apple devices you have? None? Then probably pixel 6 is a good choice hahaha. Also wait for the reviews on the battery life side. I owned a pixel 4 and battery life is terrible, devilish! Own iPhone 13 now lol

Both deliver excellent photos in their own way. The iPhone 13 (Pro) is much nicer and handier. What exactly is it about for you?

I never understand this comparison. Both are completely different ecosystems. You`re not just buying a phone. You are embedding yourself in a specific way of operating. iPhone- iPad-iMac...or Android-total freedom to use whatever you want. Never understood this kind of question.

Both! I have one of each.

Pixel 6 pro is something mann it`s really really good

pixel 6 for suuuuure

Does apple even respond?

It depends. Huge fan of the pixel phones but they are just too huge. If you want to be able to one-hand a phone then get the iPhone13

Pixel 6, no hesitation.

We`re a big fan of the first one.

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