Pick each phone you enjoyed using the most from

January 24, 2022, 9:20 am
Pick each phone you enjoyed using the most from
Pick each phone you enjoyed using the most from each brand. I will start Apple - iPhone 5s OnePlus - OnePlus 7 Pro Google - Pixel 4 XL Samsung - S21 Ultra HTC - HTC One M8 LG - LG G3 I think I need to expand to other phones brand`s like Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo etc..

Another great form factor tbh. I am rocking 11 pro now. Its more than enough.

Iphone 5s for me as well. My first phone that led me to Apple Ecosystem

Apple - 5S/6/6S Nokia - Lumia 735 ZTE - Blade A5 2019 Realme - 6 pro (my favourite)

Apple - iPhone 4/5, I can`t decide they were both beautiful. Google: Pixel 3a Samsung: Galaxy Note 9 (man, that phone was the definition of "near-perfect") LG: LG G3

One plus 7 Pro good

Apple - iphone 11 pro max One plus - 7 pro Google - Pixel 5 Samsung - s7 edge HTC - one m8 I haven`t tried any other brands yet , i wanted to give the p30 pro a try back then , until all the shinanigans happened

I get what you mean when you mention older phones, but I can`t honestly claim I enjoyed older phone experiences over the later ones Google - 6 Pro (I seem to be one of the few people without any deal-breaking bugs lol) Apple - 13 Pro OnePlus - 8 Pro Samsung - S10 Plus

Apple - iPhone 13 Pro Max (My first own iPhone) Samsung - Galaxy S20 Ultra (My first Flagship Galaxy) LG - LG Velvet (Well yea. Rest in place LG,life was good)

The picel4xl was pretty dope .

Apple: 6s OnePlus: Nord 100 5G Google: Pixel 2 Samsung: Note 4 HTC: Evo 3D LG: Motion 4G

Apple - iPhone 5s (the GOAT of early smartphone design) OnePlus - 8 Pro Google - Pixel 2/6 tied Samsung - S9/S21U tied HTC - One M8 LG - V30 (the GOAT of smartphone design, period) Oppo - Find X Xiaomi - Mi Mix 1/3 tied Huawei - P20 Pro Vivo - X70 Pro+ Honor - 6x/Magic 2 tied

iPhone 4s. Still the iPhone with the best overall design IMO. Size was perfect. work of art. I wish phones were that size again. But with like big holographic screens or something. Apple - Xs max One plus - never had one Google - pixel 4xl Samsung - s20 Fe 5g HTC - one M7 LG - never had one Huawei - p30 pro

I am really close to going back to a 12 pro or a regular 13, I know I wont get the battery life but wow I miss the size.

Have you tried any of the latest iPhones?

OK Apple iPhone XR Google Pixel 2 XL Samsung Galaxy S10e OnePlus Oneplus 3T HTC M7 LG V60 Sony Xperia 1 Mk2 Motorola Moto G9 Power Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite All right I think thats it

One plus is by far a unique experience .the pixel ......4xl a body extension

Nokia - 8810 Carbon Arte Xiaomi - Mi8 iPhone - 6S was the last phone I ow Ed from Apple OnePlus - 7Pro (enjoyed it more than 9 Pro) Meizu - Pro 6 (had a cool design and overall was okeyish but was very average) Sony Ericsson K750i

Apple - Mac Mini but since you said phone Ill go with the iPhone 13 pro max OnePlus - Definitely the 7 Pro Google - 5a 5g and 6 Pro Samsung - S21 Ultra, 2nd Fold 3 HTC - I never had one LG - G8x

Yes, it will also be getting Android 12 in coming weeks.

Oh I forgot to add Huawei - P20 Pro

Yeah Huawei was probably my favourite flagship manufacturer. I didnt care for their cheaper offerings. Im eagerly anticipating their possible return to the West with GMS. As for Sony, their new releases look really interesting, if a bit pricey

I know but that`s different to pixel phones lol

One and only legendary 7 pro Its got to be iPhone 6S+ Galaxy S7 Edge or S10e OnePlus 3 LG Nexus 4 HTC One M8 Motorola Nexus 6 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Xperia 1 ii Realme X2 Pro Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oh and I need to try OPPO phones too

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