Phones I would buy this year in order of

October 13, 2021, 1:46 pm
Phones I would buy this year in order of
Phones I would buy this year in order of preference: Surface Duo 2 Pixel 6 Xperia 1 iii Galaxy Fold 3 iPhone 13 Pro Max What about you? If money were no object of course.

S10e has the capacitive finger print scanner, small form factor , a headphone jack &Dex . OG surface duo is more like a collector`s item , and one 888 on my list is more than enough.

Thats why I said its close, the flip is definitely easier and has a really good feel to it but the usability is just meh, again this is my personal opinion and I wouldn`t bother using it ever until samsung works more on it.

Pixel 6 Pro Pixel Fold Surface Duo 2 Xperia 1 III LG V60 (Dual Screen) Even though the LG V60 wasn`t officially released in the UK and is over a year old, would like to try out as never tried or owned a LG device

Yea man just my opinion. A phone that requires two hands to use isn`t practical, I stand with this.

Ahah nice one mate! Got to say Apple have made the Mini very appealing!

A folding phone will never be practical, the z flip came close but it still doesn`t feel right.

Pixel 6/6 Pro Vivo X70 Pro (just for the photography fun/laughs) S21 Ultra (although I have the s21) Chuck in the iPad mini even though we`re talking phones! Got to say I`m mainly only after the Pixel this year.

Yeah i know but thats my selection

Lol I like the pixel 6 pro and maybe the duo 2

Op6 pro for meeee

Pro max (got it) Pixel 6 pro Fold 3 Duo 2 Vivo V70

Nice. Hope you love it mate. I`d have loved to try the form factor. Maybe next time

I`d love a SD2 for work, and was intrigued for home too, but I just couldn`t get past the thought I`d look like one of those ipad photography wankers when taking photos. The photos are a high priority for my upcoming Florida holiday.

I forgot to pop the Vivo X70 Pro+ in there as well. Slot it in-between the Fold and iPhone.

LG V60(with dual screen) Xperia 5 mk3 Samsung Galaxy S10e iPhone 13 pro Surface Duo.

Same list I would trade out iphone for xiaomi mi 11 ultra and fold 3 for the rog 5

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