Phone question, going from iphone to Nokia, easy to

October 28, 2021, 12:55 pm
Phone question, going from iphone to Nokia, easy to
Phone question, going from iphone to Nokia, easy to transfer data and apps or is it a difficult process? The deal is done so please no useless comments, just the facts. Ta. I understand its an android system.

that`s great :) Yeah, you shouldn`t have any issues, a Nokia made Android should do you very well :)

yeah all that should transfer across easily and without fuss - your passwords are all you should need, and sometimes a bit of secondary check like a phone call from your bank or a text with a code.

Are you getting your PAC from your current provider? Then you can send it to your new one, so you get your number back. Should just be two phone calls.

Tech Radar gave a good guide I went from iPhone to Android and back again but I actually thought Android was easier to use and photo storage is good. You dont miss out on anything and youve saved money - yay

Welcome back from the dark side.

@TheMichaelMoran Also have my iPad for back up should it go tits up.

I wouldnt imagine any apps were transferable, at least not for free: there are probably plenty of cross platform ones but youd need to buy them again. Whats the data? A contact list you could probably export and convert into spreadsheet data

If you download the app: phone clone to both phones, that should do it very easily.

This feels like something can answer

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