People who use WhatsApp GB won`t see heaven

July 21, 2021, 5:55 pm
People who use WhatsApp GB won`t see heaven
People who use WhatsApp GB wont see heaven

Some of us have two phones. I use the iPhone regularly but obviously it doesnt allow GB. But I must say having an iPhone is not even an achievement. Its just a device that kills time. Its only better because of its processor/OS. Its faster than Android.

If we had an iphone we wouldn`t have WhatsApp GB

This is a violation

You can use whatsapp GB using iphone you have to do a process called jailbreaking so that your iphone can unlock other features which normal iphones dont have

IPhone carriers beg more than amabhoza, every sec they ask to charge their phones, se right Nama android always online `charge once and go hlalani Nama expensive iphone wenu, are useles anyway

iphone has WhatsApp+++

Lol we can post status in full & cee other statuses

telegram users be like

You are wrong im a proud whatsApp Gb user and i have a iPhone Whatsapp GB was the reason I opted for an Android phone...

My brother uses WhatsApp GB on his iPhone X.

Whatsapp GB sent my gf screenshots of messages between me and my ex trying to fix things Twitter for Android

Twitter for IPhone 12 Pro Max 256g It is not a must mues Lol they brag different

But we don`t like iPhone like you do

WGB is installed on the Net so what you`re saying should`ve been a question.....and the answer is it ia not true

it`s possible to use WhatsApp GB on iPhone

one thing I like about iphone users is that they don`t have whatsapp GB

We don`t like iPhone akere

But we can see so much.

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