People are so crazy for Apple

August 21, 2021, 2:45 pm
People are so crazy for Apple
People are so crazy for Apple......they are willing to buy iPhone 8 in even 2021! Apple

people still buy iPhone 7s and 6s even till date lmao

Perfect usable and tbf, more than it. Lad using even an iphone 6s is possible with iOS 14 maybe 15. Smasung s6 is a relic in ruins. Apple products have the best longevity.

Its not even that bad, considering my iPod touch is pretty good on iOS 15 beta.

Like people say , it just simple and works . If Apple let me cotumize Ill stay , but they dont do Im looking to get android atm

Because its more affordable

Oyen its for their kids

Your just made that a 4 year old phone is as fast as your $1000 flagship from android and is more up to date than your android.

Why shouldnt they buy an iPhone 8?

Yeah, they are STUPID. Go for the iPhone 13 Pro Max instead of a iPhone 8. On a more serious note, what is the issue of buying something you like. People keep calling Apple a status symbol but nobody is flexing their Apple products like that. - Account Owner

I have to say that apple has the best ecosystem out there so

I have an iPhone 8 Plus, and it is a great phone, just shy of Face ID to match the experience to a more recent one. It was also a bargain. The ones that spend 1000 a year, those REALLY love Apple

The iPhone 8 has decent performance even on the latest iOS . Youd be surprised. Im not sure I would use a 4-5 year old android as my daily driver tho

Having an old iPhone is similar to having an Android that never gets updates.

So? Yu called them crazy ? Their choice why would you bother

It`s genuinely a good phone

So? Lol. A lot of people don`t need much from a phone. Can iPhone 8 is a basic phone that completes people`s needs. Some people just don`t need everything else.

Thats just nuts tho at least get 11 if not XR

Thats how good an almost 5 year old iPhone really is!

When you use an iPhone for many years its difficult to leave it to purchase an android. There is people who buys iPhone 7 in 2021, and theyre quite happy with it.

whats wrong with buying a phone you like?

Maybe Youre speaking about a different country but not many people buy the iPhone 8 anymore. Its often bought refurbished for around $170 so it can be traded in for carrier promos, $700+ off new phone. But not to use

iphone 8 still has good deal in 2021 and a11 bionic is fast

They brainless, isheeps who think that having an iPhone makes you look cooler

Bought an iPhone 7 in Jan 2020. I dont regret it. Not because Im an fanboi but I realize after using budget laggy Android devices for life, paying a lit more for an above average faster & good OS experience device like an iPhone can make life easier.

I`d rather buy iPhone SE 2020 over iPhone 8

Wrong.. Someone known to me got a 7 plus i guess as well.. I was trolling him and he said bhua Apple ka logo dikhana hai bass.

But why? When you can get newer models?

Its personal choice.

Its mostly in India

Yeah my mother bought one because its very fast and has a great camera and is a good size for her and its water resistant with stereo speakers. It only cost 150 and is in mint condition with 98% battery. Perfect for her. Yet again you prove to be incredibly narrow minded smh

Watch this video and you will understand WHY? iPhone 3G if I can find and afford.

Bcoz Apple`s merely status symbol

I have a friend that bought an iPhone 7 in 2020 Cuz she wanted an iPhone but the others costs too much No comment It was 4 years old...

Some people are buying iPhone 6s

iPhone 8? Bruh people even buying iPhone 6s at 25K

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