People are praising the Spider-Man web-slinging in Fortnite, which

December 7, 2021, 9:25 am
People are praising the Spider-Man web-slinging in Fortnite, which
People are praising the Spider-Man web-slinging in Fortnite, which is coming to the game soon:

actually better than marvel avengers

Well this web slinging is better than the avengers one

Its not good tho if you hold on too it for too long you get no momentum and if you do get it right you don`t go nowhere its more of a grapple then web swinging but they did better then avengers

*People who didnt play Spider-Man PS4 are praising

Say whatever about the game but they know how to nail almost every item they make (I said almost cos there are items which could have been better executed).

Looks better than what the Avengers game got

Better than marvels avengers web slinging

Its just suprising that Fortnite got the Spiderman swinging so great, while the game that cost $60 and is all about Marvel Heroes doesn`t. Lmfao

So even Fortnite does Spider-man better than Avengers?

Finally Spider-Man on Xbox

"drop that mf" Fortnite outsold all other flop fps and battle royale out rn also xbox dead console Better mechanics then the avengers game version

He`s already in Fortnite, you just need to reach the right level to get him.

it looks good for a spiderman game.. not for fortnite tho lol the stupid UFOs were the last straw for me it was soooo easy to cheese games and win with those things. turned the game into something completely different

It`s better than marvel avenger game

Wow... People are complaining how stiff the swinging in Crystal Dynamic`s Avengers but Fortnite somehow got it right.

It`s sad that the swinging is X100 better than $60 dollar game! Shameful!

Terminator is a better skin

It actually looks really good, which is weird because I hate fortnite.

Its better than marvels one

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