PC Players: As many in the community have suggested,

December 5, 2021, 8:04 pm
PC Players: As many in the community have suggested,
PC Players: As many in the community have suggested, closing then reopening your client when you have less than 4 minutes remaining can greatly reduce error rates when trying to log in and ensure you make it through to the lobby.

faster bro ive been waiting so long

work on geforce now

It`s doing the queue in nintendo switch

I get into lobby and presa sollos and start and it wont get into a game

Still cant get in on Nintendo switch. Puts you in the queue and then goes to white screen then black screen at the end of the countdown. Stays black. Cant get in! Not a space issue. The logout/log back in method suggested for ox users doesnt work either. Help!?

we should be compensated

bruh my game keeps crashing on dx 12, never happened to me before any tips?

please fix your game ive waited 5 hours just to get in and just for the game to crash

They giving all the big streamers a chance to stream before anyone else thats so bs

Please add South African Servers FortniteAfricanServers

Wow it worked.. hope you get it fixed tho

My character is really blury when i load into game, does anyone know how to fix this?

nah yall most def did this on purpose so the bot console players can enjoy the season before the sweaty pc players log on

just fix it better

Anyone claiming they know a fix to logging in doesn`t.

hello he does not let me enter the game he tells me waiting in queue 3:00 when it ends unable to login to fortnit servers. Please try again later

Heh that doesn`t look too good. multi-billion dollar company btw

i still get the issue

its been 4 hours lol

Mine loaded after about ten closes and crashes

1k v bucks for everyone because of this inconvenience Funny how some children online found a bypass before a multi-million dollar company could... Yall might need to hire them instead of your current team

thanks for trying to resolve this issue for us pc players. as long as its out at least tomorrow its ok

my game crashes eveytime i get in

Idk how it happened but I lost 700 v-bucks today logging in. Now I cant even buy the battle pass .

how much years!!??

ive had this problem for 4 hours wtf epic

Geforce players?


bro ive been wait for 4h

lets not forget this launched at 3 and still cant get on now

We should get the battle pass free actully


Thank`s for working hard to fix the problem because I want to have fun with my friends

Not happy had to get up at 5am to make Fortnite content l have come to these issues

i still cant my ign is Twitch help_yayo

What about GeForce Now players, who can`t do stuff like that?

yeah this is taking too long

i want 2k vbucks cause i was waiting 4h

Just Please i want to play fortnite with the new season

Y`all are awesome, thank you! <3

Idont cab Coming in to forntiden Wieck my pc

each try to PC`s people to log in will be returned on "PAVOS" to all of us. Great deal.

cant log in on pc

oh yea it did work thanks everyone !

Can you guys please fix it for GeForce

this method working i still cant get in on my laptop

BRO IVE BEEN trying that for that last 4 hours when will this bug be fixed

The real question is how long will this take?

Sheesh nobody cares hurry it up please

Thank u because I cant get in

i just want to use a keyboard on fortnite for the first time, not wait in a queue for 10 minutes

i cant login to fortnite like for a lot of time what to do pls helpp

Can you also fix split screen my brother can`t login and is very sad plz furniture angels


Been trying to get in for 3 hours.

fix ur bad game

And switch log in

Bleh .. i am waiting to get into this game about 5 hours by all means and people already have over 2k points in arena so sad

lol Ive been trying to log in since the game has been running both on my pc and switch and I still cant log in when is this going to be fixed this is retarded

All of us thinking about the team My game keeps crashing after queue time man

This is why you test before live deploy

go enjoy your sunday pc

yo fire pits dont work

Bleh .. i am waiting to get into this game about 5 hours by all means and people already have over 2k points in arena so sad

how does it work lol

I can`t see how many more levels I need for the refer a friend thing


I played 1 game. Yall owe us some compensation for not letting us play after we purchased the battlepass

Thanks for working hard for your community

I`ve been waiting for 5 hours until I come in, always sleeping!

This isnt working for me

So can we play or what is up now?

u don`t work fast enough c`mon

Thx this worked for me

What about PS4?

have school tomorrow at least let me play a bit

bruh where did the dlss opttion gone

You could think about stopping crossplay between pc and console too whilst it at it? Might be a great idea

I have been in the queue for the past 2 hours and have tried closing and reopening Fortnite multiple times and still get placed in queue. What else am I supposed to do at this point

I am on GeForce now, and cant close and re-open fortnite on the same device due to how their infrastructure works. Does this mean I am permanently locked out of fortnite? Please fix this bug where it crashes at the end of the queue. Shouldnt it be as simple as fixing the crash?

When will refer a friend come back

This isnt working

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