Parisian police are now checking vaccine passports of anyone

August 9, 2021, 7:19 pm
Parisian police are now checking vaccine passports of anyone
Parisian police are now checking vaccine passports of anyone they see at a restaurant. BraveNewWorld

Context? How real is this? Sounds gross.

What is currently happening in France is a shame! We will continue to demonstrate and we hope to fire this government of traitors. We are not cattle!

I remember reading something in history books like this before

Policemen : No Hand disinfection

End of scene. Expedite the edit. Blast this video onto every platform. Make it go viral.

It wasnt long ago that Nazis checked papers in France .

Its freaking France; they surrender everythingwhy not their freedom too

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Good little Nazi`s

The eagerness by the civilians to present their papers upon request is mind boggling


The medicin apartheid facist state is real then

And they touch the peoples smartphones and cards with their bare hands.

Many french people dont agree and dont show shame pass. Check Manifs7aout to see how we tell to Macron NO SHAME PASS LibertgalitFraternit wearemillions Dont forget to share images of millions protesting against this tyranny. And be prepared, its coming to you too Good luck and stand still !

Bring this to America now

I just cant with this insanity anymore.

Be careful this is created showing calm and compliance - France is striking and marching this is a Psychological operations (PSYOP) Alert - wake up America

Unvaccinated people who get infected are responsible for allowing the virus to mutate and become more dangerous variants. If this continues, and the virus mutates into a variant that is resistant to the current vaccines, then EVERYONE`s freedom will be gone.

Who will have this first, Melbourne or Sydney Im think Dan will have it implemented from the start of summer.

Next up is an indefinite stay at a covid gulag for those who refuse..

Nazis are back in the form of Health Advisors

Hey Blue lives matter show some respect

Show me your warrant.

P A T H A T I C. Paris is going back to the days of Hitler.

Most of those folks look too young to remember when the Nazis were checking papers in Paris.

the French - they always roll over

Makes`s the road we have chosen.

They learned from the best... Is anyone in that country gonna wake up and actually do something about this?! This is not normal whatsoever.

Even German Nazis didnt do that in France.

As they said back in WW II Let me see your papers?

Great use of there time

Pretty sure this is france

What comes next? Good citizen status on ID before allowing to a concert?

Freak show

Will new Nazis provide smartphones for all people?

Not interested if your bag is stolen though

Don`t forget our new Blue Bracelet in train station for vaccinated people ! And people are gonna be sacked with no leave check if they don`t have the pass We are the Democratic Republic of France now Laisser Passer SVP ! Its like 1940`s gestapo staff flashback once again.

Imagine if all Americans got as upset about Stop and Frisk as they do while watching this video.

Hitler would be proud

Your papers please At this point, we need a global civil war. Those pro authoritarian and those for liberty.

Knowing French history - chaos is about to break out big time. It may take a decade but the fuse has been lit ... the third estate will rise again.

...where have we seen this before..

Thats extraordinary, absolute nazi tyrants!

This is effing horribleand were going to find out if American cops are willing to do this very soon.

Coming soon to a US state near you. But wait.. I thought the republicans were the fascists?

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