Over reacting much https://t

October 12, 2021, 2:23 pm
Over reacting much https://t
Over reacting much

Jim Ryan expanding PlayStation outside of the console similar to what happened to the Xbox Brand, which will make them more money. PS Elitist Fanboys "pLaYsTaTiOn Is DeAd" Those fanboys are beyond a joke.

Console wars are dumb but I do genuinely believe when it comes to the PlayStation fanbase they get off on gatekeeping as if they enjoy no one else being able to play their games more than actually playing their games, like who gets mad about games being ported to PC and mobile???

He`s overreacting but the thought of normalizing mobile quality games on consoles makes me sick to my stomach

Another LED is at it again lol

I love how he just assumed Sony will be shit just because they hired someone that worked on Mobile games lmao

That account is a Sony fanboy

if we get psnow on mobile i`d be happy

Jim Ryan is making PlayStation a bigger and better brand (PC being the biggest aspect of this) and fanboys think that`s bad for some reason. The entitlement knows no bounds.

I cant believe Playstation dead
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