Over 30 million monthly users have so far used the Google app

November 13, 2018, 3:53 pm

   "In less than a year, Files Go has grown tremendously to serve over 30 million monthly users.We`ve noticed that people astride the globe are using it, no matter what type of mobile phone they have or how fast their web connection is," writes Koji Pereira, UX Lead, Next Mobile Billion Users, Google, in the blog post.
   Just a week behind spotting its presence through a beta version, the Files Go application has now officially been rebranded to Files by Google.The find giant announced the rebranding of the Files Go app through a blog post on Thursday alongside revealing that the Files Go app is being used by over 30 million monthly users.The app, which was initially launched for affordable smart-phones in developing markets such as India, Brazil, and Nigeria last year, offers a file management solution.It also provides a way to clean the internal storage by removing junk files with a single tap.
Over 30 million monthly users have so far used the Google app
   Google didn`t define the reason for the rebranding of the Files Go app.Be that as it may, it appears that the latest move is aimed to expand the coverage of the app that was initially designed for devices based on Google`s Android Go programme.The aim with the fresh branding is apparently to go beyond Android Go models and reach global users to bolster its growth.
Alternate Title: Files Go App Officially Rebranded to Files, Used by Over 30 Million Monthly Active Users

   In addition to the rebranding, Google(google.com) has redesigned the user knowledge by adding Material Theme Design treatment.The Files app has
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Sans font and new icons, as noticed in its recent beta version.Also, the background of the app is mostly in white colour over the previous grey and blue colour coverings.The iconography has additionally been updated with the new outlined style.
   You may download the latest Files by
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app by visiting Google Play.The app works with Android 5.0 Lollipop or over and is 9.8MB in size.

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