Our statement and report on our Sexual Abuse Review:

June 10, 2021, 11:05 am
Our statement and report on our Sexual Abuse Review:
Our statement and report on our Sexual Abuse Review:

Ban social media for under 18s. Ban all smartphones in school as national policy. Produce clear guidance for families about devices and dangers. Fund support for families.

Isnt it concerning that its taken til 2021 for Ofsted to get its act together on this as if ensuring protection of children at school wasnt on their agenda in the first place, and for letting this sort of culture exist in schools? It screams redundancy.

Please contact your children`s schools and ask how they plan to respond to this.

Unfortunately since the government have banned Leftist ideology in schools the Simple lessons of Consent are no longer allowed.

The problem is the school system will protect its "best students" at all cost as they make the most money for them

I personally think there`s no bigger concern rn than the 24/7 saturation of pornography on this generation of young scl children. I don`t even think we should call most of content pornography We should call it what it is - sexual violence that has no place in a child`s life

It all comes down to porn and how freely accessible it is to young people. Needs regulating and verified age certificate. Poor children growing up in this age.

Making toilets/changing mixed sex like many schools are being encouraged to do by Stonewall etc is not going to help with this situation.

Might as well have done a review on climate change. What a waste of money. Youll get some nerve racking headlines but thats about it.

It is true and fact that is a more regular occurrence that it happens to females to males. But I do understand his point of it presenting males in a completely bad light, which is not the way to present this effectively. But it is a tricky line to walk

Concerning stats there. Wasn`t half as bad 20 years ago in the state school I attended. Something has really changed.

TW/ SA My old school was the WORST for this. Didnt even have a sexual assault policy in place until I left. Theyre very good at covering stuff up lol this doesnt surprise me one bit

It`s HORRIBLE this has to happen to our girls, don`t get me wrong, but in a SEXUAL ABUSE REVIEW, why are BOYS only mentioned twice, and both in a negative context? I doubt the boys who`ve fallen victim will feel supported by this.

Has anyone investigated the effect of GTA on our boys?

Ban smartphones for under 16s. Trying to educate teenagers out of this appalling culture is a joke if you allow them a hand held device that pumps out porn 24/7, takes photos and promotes toxic social media. Step up your safeguarding.

So 9 out of 10 girls say theyre harassed by boys?? Boys arent abused or harassed??!! This is projection!!! State schools being reconditioned to have an elitist culture, which wont work!!! Maybe gov officials shouldnt abuse/exploit/harass/assault or rape either!!!

This is something that every governing board should have on their next agenda! We must ask questions, understand the extent of issue in our schools & work with leaders to change this culture. EffectiveGovernance

Extremely worrying that teachers themselves are unable to teach about Consent

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