Other than the camera, the iPhone has NOTHING over

November 24, 2021, 4:06 pm
Other than the camera, the iPhone has NOTHING over
Other than the camera, the iPhone has NOTHING over a top quality Android phone. Switched between both over the years. Every time I switch back to the androids, I breathe a sigh of relief. But status games are status games great branding, Apple.

I m an android user still I think iPhone has lot`s of unique things like camera quality, face id, optimised os, security, design look & feel, lag free performance & much more I am not talking about logo if you need of it`s then only you spend money on iphone.

I have never used an iPhone. So pardon me if these questions are stupid - a) Don`t the iCloud and Dropbox have their own advantages? b) Isn`t the Apple credit card worth it?

Apple has the best optimisation ever , 3gb ram in ios = 8gb ram in android

iPhone has NOTHING over a top I became addicted to this fun game, try it and thank me later Being a recent convert to iPhone , I agree, in 2021 - it is an overhyped product!!

Sheeps be crazy. Watch out

Lol apple users are never talking about android ever. Im always curious if yall have such a superior product, why is iPhone always coming out of your mouth?

I`m thinking about getting an iPhone Just because of the good quality pictures That`ll help with my beginner shoots

Android as a standalone is a beast but when it comes to detail and ecosystem - Apple seems to take the cake.

Twitter for iphone ...... Just saying

If apps design is reversed no one will use android . Follow the leader

Twitter for iPhone

Why apple can`t give all features available in android? If apple is more secure let them give features with security. We can do Customisation as we wish in android, but not in iphone. Just compare the features available in android & iphone, then compare the pricing

Now in camera department also android counter parts are giving better results than iphones !!! Iphone is now only brand symbol atleast in India. In video compartment & software updates still unbeatable ie only reason why ppl buy in foreign.

If you use it with other Apple devices like Macs, AirPods, iPad, iCloud services, you will realize the power & ease of using Apple devices

Shitty comparison You need to be inside the ecosystem of Apple or Google to give a statement like this. It literally shows that you dont belong to either ecosystem & just pretending. It literally says how cream-like/shallow experience youve had with both the platforms,as

bsdk , didnt enjoy the smoothness of ios

It`s not possible to brand something without substance. is the biggest brand on this planet.

Try to keep an android phone for 6+ years with latest software update

So ig you`ve used one S20 model and an iPhone as well, now where are you planning to switch next?

"NOTHING" Specific Use case of word hmm interesting!

Dude Galaxy S21 ULTRA has a superior camera than iPhone

you might want to check privacy implications (advertising id specifically) of using and Android vsIOS.

Who cares. iPhone is king

Could`ve used an Android at least for putting out this tweet, Ranveer.

Ahhhhh this comment will trigger a lot of fruit fans!. I have grabbed a popcorn and the carnage on the comment section is lit!

Iphones are terrible have been using pixel 6 over 13 pro the iPhone is better hardware but the software is terrible and restrictive

Deep down all are Apple lover

Idk why people think Android has a better camera quality but I still believe Apple offers better. However I still use an android because a) its affordable and b) I can download whatever I want esp apks. However I really dislike my phone`s camera.

iPhone sucks except Video Camera and Gaming.

And I used a worth 1.2 Lakh Samsung Android phone, it was totally unworthy (except camera zoom, and display refresh rate) . Well, I use phone for gaming and all android sucks at gaming.

Most worthless phone,ppl only buy bcoz of its brand value ..

Looks like you`re too young or too old to understand the tech. RELIABILITY is what iphones are meant for and the Apple ecosystem is a no match at all.

Totally agree with you, Apple has not come up with any major innovation since the "iPhone X" but once you get used to with the whole ecosystem it is hard to switch to android....

Via Twitter for iPhone Twitter for iPhone......That`s like a good boy NOTHING company will be coming out with a new phone. Samaz rahe ho!!!

Lemme clear the confusion between both the users Apple is great for video recording, its os and the ecosystem. Android is great in innovation and easy usability and offers cheaper alternative to a greater mass. Nothing is perfect in the world so as none of these phones .

Personal Opinion vs General Verdict, wish you can differentiate both and word your tweet accordingly. You are masquerading personal opinions as general conclusion. Infact Pixel phones have better cameras than iPhone. iPhone excels at everything else

I like how all the iPhone users just got mad like it`s true iPhone is bad it`s the worst piece of tech I have ever seen and I have had a lot of phones the only reason I still have an iPhone is cuz it was gifted to me and I like complicated stuff like Android it just feels right:D

I use both, Apple are more for smooth workflow and productivity, Androids for daily/personal use, games , traveling, social media and such. The reason why is because the massive syncing system between apple products is not believable.

I looking for a haha reaction button here

Come on Ranveer How much did you get form NOTHING for this tweet. Regardless of that iPhone is better than most of the android phones.

I don`t have an i phone only because I can`t afford it

might be doing something shortly to change the equation completely to one side

Twitter for iPhone

Pixels might turn the table.

LoL You are also USING iPhone right now.

This tweet is NOTHING just NOTHING paid promotion

What iPhone has is the privacy that no one has it.Im not fan of iPhone it just a fact

Status And Showoff is something which is praised now a days. A person with an I phone or a luxury watch gets more attention. Paisa Bolta Hai

If you are a "peek under the hood" kind of guy, you will prefer android. If you are "don`t touch it, it might break" kind of guy you will love apple. Ecosystem or not, there is a certain tinkery aura about android that apple doesn`t have. And value for money? No contest.

Twitter for iPhone. Good

You missed 1 point it has better security that most of the android phones and way too faster

Will your android phone brand inform you if you phone is being tempered with by cyper attackers?

Ecosystem and Intuitiveness of using So many apple devices together is something that makes Apple Apple.. That`s something no one else got even close to that ease of use. Airpods for example works like magic if u are using Mac, iPad and iPhone together..

And with that, you`ve angered the Apple cult members...

And you`re against playing the "status game" right?

You sure about the camera stuff? iPhone 12 Pro Max literally takes worse pics than budget android phones. If we install GCam on them, the gap just widens massively.

Claiming the iPhone having nothing is a bit bold and a very very misinformed statement.

Not to brag but my Pixel 4A that costed me around 27K takes pictures that look like these... This latest lineup for me, the battery and camera was superb. Kinda weird when iphone 13 lineup can last for a day long especially pro & pro max

Totally agree.. I own a OnePlus and wifey iphone. The only reason I got her iphone was for camera. I am happy to discount that 5% value what other features add. Flexibility of android is awesome and one doesn`t have to suck to apple eco system by spending tons on it.

Can smell NOTHING smartphone here

Nope. Android has overtaken in every possible department you can imagine. The only reason people are still stuck with iOS is simply because how polished and smooth the software experience is. Just try recording an instagram/snapchat story with an iphone and android side by side..

Camera wise Iphone miles behind Samsung and Pixel except videos are good in Iphones. It`s the privacy and ecosystem which is flawless and miles ahead of android.

Except much less bloat, fewer adds, better privacy controls but sure.

You must have compared iphone 4S with a latest android..!

May be NOTHING will be the choice in future! Oh. I can see "NOTHING"

bro both cost almost the same , it comes down software / hardware integration and thats what makes it for Apple , although their ecosystem trap is for real. Godbless!

I think Ranveer got sponsor to promote Android

Use Oneplus phone

Now every iphone user be like Try Samsung flagship or Google pixel i have used far batter camera`s then iphone 13, in features i would say Samsung is best overall phone but not the budget or midrange i am talking about mid flagships

Tweeted from iPhone Social pressure of using the newest launched phone in the market.

Yes. Android is best. It accepts Facebook data sharing permissions without approval from the user. Well it doesnt even ask the permission. Allows users to relax .

Just suggesting....make your name Ranbeer Prayagraj as otherwise it should be Jangi Allahbaadi

That`s why people carry both android and IPhone. For example and many more.

Twitter for iphone

Twitter for Iphone yet

It was not always like this there was time when apple was really 5 years ahead of market but we all know its no more

"Twitter for iPhone"

Wt status games?, new iPhones are released once in a year and they have the perfect integration between hardware and software. And previous years iPhones are not that costly.

Video, predominantly. Camera, I`d argue Android has crawled ahead. Add: Seamless integration across devices, 5 years of software updates & support, excellent resale value (no one talks about), better privacy, more polished experience, atleast 2x more powerful processing...

cool down bro, you have not used an iPhone properly

For those who say security is better on iPhones i had once used iphone 4 when it was newly launched,but never used iphone there after. android Has everything i want,highly satisfied.

Get a and put a custom ROM on it. Period.

Obviously u use an iphone just as a status symbol, just to show off or something i don`t know, cuz if u`d have used the full ecosystem, u wouldn`t be able to get outta it.

There is a marketing reason why he has tweeted this, also the keyword is NOTHING. FYI, he is an investor of NOTHING.

Top quality Android Camera also i feel is takkkar ka ...Iphone wins over security and of course Status

I love the iphone`s build quality, but absolutely hate the ios!

Okay and what about the processor tho? Like I don`t know anyone complaining about how slow an iPhone is?

Fanaticism would make most of us stick to iPhone despite the limitations

Cameras are great in pixels , galaxy s series and oneplus 9 pro. But for social media , yes iPhone has lead with full camera usage in ig , Snapchat etc.

The user experience of iOS is top notch and android cant even get close to iOS 15 features. With iOS 15 you can be way more productive (Ive experienced it myself). iOS is just perfect at its work

Comparison should be between iOs and Android and not Apple and Android. Or mention which Android phone you use.

This is the first time..jb kisi s sch bola about I phones.

He`s taking about Agreed. I bought a great laptop instead of iPhone 13 & this choice was an easy one.

Id kinda agree w this a few years ago, but rn with iOS 15 and all, the stock productivity features are just too good which isnt available on android phones (you can still get 3rd party apps for them but hey, battery life is something right?)

Yeah absolutely true !

Apple focuses on minor details that other brands wouldn`t even think of. Though your point is absolutely correct, some people buy iphone just to show off even they can`t afford it. EMI pr bhi le lege pr bhai status se compromise nhi karege.

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