OPPO Watch 2 is the most smooth non-iOS smartwatch

August 2, 2021, 3:43 pm
OPPO Watch 2 is the most smooth non-iOS smartwatch
OPPO Watch 2 is the most smooth non-iOS smartwatch I have used.

Still, Samsung tizen Os is FAILURE to match iOS level smoothnes.. Bixby on that is TRASHH It really NEED tones of effort to clone Apple. It`s not easy which imo Samsung CAN`T. At least OPPO did. Also Galaxy watch 3 is extremely CHEAP in looks compare to Oppo.WearOs >>> tizenOs

Replica of a apple watch

LMFAO they even clone the Apple Watchs UI . Cant stop copying Apple can they

Wow that bubble ui looks exactly like apple watch .

The best copy of apple watch.

Apple Watch will always win in my eyes.

its also the most beautiful rectangular smartwatch

Find the differences.

Damn! I thought this was the Apple watch. That`s shameless OnePlus/Oppo for you. BBK is notorious for lack of original ideas. Its becoming disturbing

OPPO Watch 2 is the most smooth non-iOS smartwatch I have used.

how can you talk about non ios when entire inteface is copy of watchOS?

oppo is apple from wish

Those curves just look horrible

China China copy cat. I mean they could make their own design but no. Even the software is a (worse) copy. America innovator, China copynator

Damn its smooth af

Seeing the comments here, feels like the community has a lot of smartwatch snobs with their noses up, complaining about anything that isn`t from the top three. Yes design inspiration can be borrowed from other companies and you know what? There`s nothing wrong with that!

wow nice Apple ripoff

How is the battery life??

Non ios but its a copycat

ah, yet another Chinese Copycat of the Apple UI by a Chinese brand. Such innovation!

Wait fir 10 days and there could be a good competition.. maybe..

Are you not ashamed of yourself showcasing a apple watch rip off, a Chinese company that is so lazy to think for itself. What a joke, As a Chinese citizen you must speak against such companies. You are disappointing.

Apple Watch wanna be

Let`s see what Samsung has to offer next week with their unveil

Does any chinease company have a original idea because it seems like they copy everything from Apple and samsing

Ware can I get that watch? Please only English only cuz I don`t read Filipino. I am a American ok

Sexey girl ah Bruh I thought they just copied the hardware design. They went ahead and copied the UI as well


But there are no iOS based smartwatches on the market...

Loving it Absolutely, and its surprising more beautiful and convenient to use due to its curve screen

I like it. Hope Samsung has a spin on this

What are you reading

is a girl?

Do you feel that Samsung`s TV Tizen OS sucks?

Those bezels though

Because it`s a copy of the Apple Watch and the WatchOS lol How did they even manage to put a chin there

they even copied the grid lmfao oppo being oppo

In india which os who expected

What do you want to show us?? Sexy girl= happy life???

Wow they even copied the grid viewthe worst part of watchOS. Very cool!

one problem..........:it`s opppoooo

Zero authenticity and creativity.

Is the rest any good ?

Ima pass still dont like the square watch designs. I understand its easier te develop apps for it but nah looks rlly ugly on the wrist in my opinion

Still won`t change to it from my watch with physical watch hands =D Seriously love that curved OLED screen

What a original idea

Does it has wear os?

Not a big fan of sqare watchs, so samsung watch for me

Its called watchOS and it looks like a blatant rip-off but Ill be called a fanboy.

Yes ,color os is awarded the smoothest ui ever.. What kind of magic they have done?

Wow, looks so original

Copied very well. Hope someday they will come up with some originality.

Apple Watch CLONE

What are expectations from galaxy watch classic?

A watch is absolutely not the right place for a waterfall display, if anywhere really

Apple Watch watchOS

By literally cloning watchOS

That`s good to hear but it looks just like the Apple watch and the software looks too similar as well

"sexy girl" "happy life" ahhh the dream

Wow, almost 100% copy of Apple Watch

Well any android watch is better than the Apple watch.

Hopefully the WearOS 3 for Samsung will be better...

Thanks for the clip. How`s the app supprt like?

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