Opinions required - I have been a staunch Android/Samsung

November 30, 2021, 10:59 am
Opinions required - I have been a staunch Android/Samsung
Opinions required - I have been a staunch Android/Samsung user since 2013-14. Been really happy with my phones over the years (especially my current one) but I`m due for an upgrade soon and am thinking of returning to the Apple darkside...

Has to fit in my back pocket easily.

I have a 3 year old Galaxy S10e. I know my phone will need updating sooon, but all the new Galaxys are huge in size. I only want a small phone.

Get a Pixel. Samsung always stuff it up, Pixel is unadulterated Google.

Sadly not much choice now on Android side other than Samsung and Google. I say this as an Android user since first smartphone. If you want compatibility then go Apple, if you want pen use then hold out three months for S22 Ultra.

Do not switch to the darkside. If your note 10+ is still firing on all cylinders no point in upgrading the tech in that still stands and bangs with the latest.

we got an email on Monday saying we`re switching from Microsoft to Google Suite in February and it might have been the happiest moment of my life

I always go for the pro max so its pretty bulky LOL

Slack is awful Webex >

I`ve been using Pixel phones for a while now, they`re great. Would definitely recommend!

I kinda wish I had done the Pixel when I got this S20. Would never go back to Apple, but I think Samsung has lost ground to Google lately

I was honestly the same, I was the biggest apple hater and felt like a traitor These phones are so easy to use though, iCloud is so simple. It took a little getting used to cant lie, but havent looked back since

New Samsung comes out in Feb

Dont think i could go back now. My work phone is a samsung such a pain even simple things like switching between apps.

I sightless prefer Android as an operating system, but the ecosystem Apple has is just so much better than anything else. Apple Watch, iPhone, air pods, MacBook, etc. Its just a much better user experience

I was the same till i went through 3 samsungs in a year. Iphone is that much quicker, user friendly and durable. Had a 7 for 4 years till the battery slowly got worse and had my 11 for 2 years now. The price is worth not having to deal androids jank.

I was so stubborn about being team Android for so long, but honestly the switch to Apple was so easy. The phones are simple and reliable. Cant complain.

I think this gen in particular its worth the jump back, at least that`s what I`ve convinced myself. +1 on iPhone vote

Ive been tempted lately by that new foldable Galaxy though

ive swapped a bit between samsung and apple but i think ill stick with apple from now on, comparability & reliability have made me stick with apple

I am in same boat, I`m opting for the switch to IPhone just with the simplicity of its OI (currently on S20+). Big draw for me is compatibility for devices, Camera specs, and the new displays on the pro Max.

One vote for the Apple darkside here, mainly for device compatibility though

Also open to trying out other Android phones tbh

Literally just more for compatibility with my other devices, etc. I`m also not a fan of the Samsung x Microsoft integration - just feels all over the place and I also hate OneDrive. For those of my friends that flip flop between Android and Apple, what do u recommend? Thank u xx

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