October 17, 2021, 1:00 am
ONTARIO VACCINATION CARD USER END When added to your Wallet in iOS 15.1, it looks like this (QR code blacked out). 1/2

I got it in the health app but do not have to option to add to wallet.

No nice way to do it on Android, I ended up placing a shortcut to my PDF on my home screen.. seems to work OK and quick enough that I`m not hding up the line where ever I am....

I get this Grassroots instructions work with the verify Ontario app. Just tested it. What if we already have the 2 doses downloaded into our Apple wallet? (Green & brown background) Why do we need to do QR code?

Emailed the downloaded receipt and put it in my Files on my phone. Used the Grassroots site to get it in my wallet.

Not actually true - we updated to support importing the official Ontario QR codes overnight Thursday/Friday when they were released. Our old interim codes no longer work, but they were always meant as a gap-filler until ON came out with this

Will it still be readable by the business app if we just download the file with the QR code to our Files folder?

You can also add it to the health app on your IPhone

Hi, you can reimport using the new receipt and if you are on iOS 15.0+, it will scan correctly. Billy.

The businesss side of the app? If I went into a restaurant? They cannot scan it?

If you have wallet activated! I cannot, it`s a company phone.

Are you a beta tester for iOS? I didnt think 15.1 is out yet. Got excited haha.

Well thank you from those of us who did not!!

15.1 is still in Beta adding to Apple Wallet must be a new feature because I can scan and it adds to Apple Health, but not as a pass in the wallet.

Oh thank you, I didnt know it could go in the wallet. You are apparently more than statistics..

Then how is this any different from the QR code that was already created by that other group (can`t recall the name.)

HA! Ok I got it. Thank you.

Haha Now Im confused even more.

Mine is not clean enough so I had to use a stock photo

Did you print it out first or was there a way to do it as a screen grab?

No joke! Get a Breville espresso machine. This is my baby Is it written somewhere and how to get it into your wallet? I find the web directions on the Ontario site very vague And complicated. Ha ha Ha

How does requiring a check of manual id speed things up - and can you imagine this program at a concert or the Scotia arena with 30k people with QR codes, tickets and ID

Can it be added to other digital wallets (e.g., Android, Google?)

I couldnt figure out how to add to wallet so its in notes and Apple health. I added the scanner and my code works.

You can still add it to your wallet if you dont have 15.1. Used the grassroots site. Looks different than yours( not in colour) but the QR code is there.

I thought I had mine downloaded yesterday and now its disappeared. I need a millennials help obviously!

They want some kind of ID with the printed paper one. I guess birth certificate or health card would do. I am 56 but I still have my age of majority card. Don`t think that will work.

you cant find better coffee than tims piss? sheesh

ONTARIO VACCINATION CARD BUSINESS END The business scans your QR code and is supplied with verification, your name, and birth date to compare to ID.
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