⚠️ONLY FOR IPHONE USERS!!⚠️ You would make my day

June 25, 2021, 6:02 am
⚠️ONLY FOR IPHONE USERS!!⚠️ You would make my day
ONLY FOR IPHONE USERS!! You would make my day if I get some screen recordings of you opening and closing apps and widgets quickly just for me to see the animations and performance please? List what iPhone you use!

Does it need more work?

check out my profile to see my new profile picture. pls answer the poll pinned

Twitter compression if you want original I can mail you


Of course just ask me. XS Max ios 14.6 my bio lol

iOS widget animations Twitter compression probably gonna mess it up though I dont know how to respond to this but, uh, I dont think those things necessarily signal wealth

Not a knock off It may be a copy of iOS But it`s soooooo fluid and buttery smooth!!!

no lol

I used YouTube Music because the music with Apple Music stopped when I started recording (DRM life lol) and I couldnt be bothered to screen record without music

I want to but like- I cant Oh. DRM (Digital Rights Management) prevented the content from playing while recording and the screen recording turned out busted. It happens on Netflix, Apple Music, etc. In real life it works just fine dont worry haha.

Why? both are almost similar lol

youre welcome Now I can sleep since as you can see its 4 AM for me

sure! iPhone XR, iOS 14.6 263827th try because I kept opening apps like Messages with content I dont need to show I forgot to open widgets but I did a lotta stuff Its very smooth and I dont ever experience lag except for maybe the 5-10 second period after I restart it but other than that its always smooth

Why would I bully bro- I was just joking you took it seriously And ik that iOS and MIUI animations are silky smooth

Its smoother than that but Twitters compression is awful as always

Twitter doing its job

Bro- I was just joking, chill

He was kinda complimenting you Yahia

Youve seen this but just posting Showed u already.

ig this guy will treat his iPhone like gf

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