One word: Clubhouse

January 14, 2021, 3:08 pm
One word: Clubhouse
One word: Clubhouse. Which camp are you in? (Comment and tell us!) a) Clubhouse? Sorry, what? b) Not another time suck of a social media platform. Really? c) I love it! I`m obsessed! Our new vid with gives you the lowdown:

Just connecting with people around the world I dont feel I would have come across on other platforms and I dont need to brush my hair or change out of my pjs!

Got it. Thought I`d get sucked in. But actually find it kinda meh.

C for us!

C! I cant get enough of it right now - once more people join and it gets diluted, it wont be as good as it is now. I am holding on to every piece of knowledge while I can!

D) LET ME INNNNN Great explanation. I am in but havent had the time to focus on it. Looking forward to getting involved more once I am feeling 100% better again.

I do get the logic behind it. From security / testing / availability point of view, it`s always iOS bc it`s a smaller %, rather than when it rolles out widely. But still, it`s somewhat "exclusive". I do have iOS backup device, but for testing diff features, not Clubhouse

I`m Android, so I`m out in the cold, thank goodness! canttakeanothersocialplatform

I can`t think of a social platform I`m less likely to use! lol! Podcasts / audio only is not my jam.

The option D is missing, guys D) I`m an android user This is all iOS party.

Im somewhere between B and C!

B) for me... I`m going to let everyone else suss it out and then I`ll see if it`s still popular in a few months! I don`t think my ideal clients are hanging out there yet.

a) for me. I keep seeing people mention it but have no idea what it is

Taking tentative steps - love listening so far. Yet to actually speak

C) loving it

A! I`m on the dark side so can`t get access anyway. I`m intrigued and theyre doing well at creating FOMO! But I assuming it could end up as a distraction for me

d) I`m in, quite like it

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