One UI? Sure

November 13, 2021, 4:36 pm
One UI? Sure
One UI? Sure. Pixel UI? No. iOS isn`t inherently easier too. Parts are stupid for no reason.

Most iPhone users use it because its familiar to them, all their stuff is on it, and because theyve already built their ecosystem around it

When they say iOS it`s better than Android, what are they basing on? Like why Pixel UI is better than OneUI? Pixel always behind in functionality and/or features compared to OneUI. Maybe smoother yes, maybe better animations. But not everything it`s better.

I think he has point for average user iOS is better


Once again this is a personal choice because I`ll choice One UI Everytime

Can ppl please just understand that no OS is objectively better!

I agree and disagree. Once the basics are down, I think iOS is simpler to understand for longer. But Android, yes specifically on Pixel, is more intuitive out of the gate. It can just get more complicated over time as you learn more things.

Agree with you Max. Pixel ui rather than iOS

Some limitations are really ridiculous, but iOS can be much easier to use for non-tech savvy ppl. My lead was used to iOS for 6-7 years and he wanted to move to Android. He went to the store, couldnt understand Android and bought an iPhone. When asked, he said its confusing (1)

What ios easier how android do things in just 2 3 step where in ios there always usless 4 to 5 or more step

in the replies ppl are so salty they treat iphone users like dumb people to prove android is superior, as if people didnt agree on this for years.

I`ve been an Android fanatic for 5yrs now but A12 is... unbelievably frustrating to the point that I`ll probably move to iOS next - it`s not perfect but at least it doesn`t have Dynamic Colour

As an Android user who recently switched theres loads of stuff that annoys the shit out of me. Like having to tap arbitrary things in email to find search. Lots of really counter intuitive stuff. But other than that it works reeeeally well, until it doesnt.

The settings page of iOS is most complicated

Thats 100% true Ios works, just works and thats what an average user wants!

Pixel is definitely my favourite android skin. Been using One UI for about a year and a half now and it`s not cutting it for me with horrible animations and overall smoothness. AOSP/Stock all the way.

One ui is honestly great, the only thing on Android I don`t like is the settings app. It is such a mess and the organization sucks

It depends on the person. iOS and Android are so different from one another that its entirely preference based at this point.

I can`t stand this in the Pixel UI. Why the fook isn`t this black bar hidden? Native apps don`t have it for the most part but chrome does...can`t even use an ADB command line to hide it anymore in A12. Actually for an Average user any OS is easy. If you`re simple gonna install a few apps and call/text , use camera etc it isn`t super hard neither on iOS nor Android. For more hard-core users, that`s a choice. If you`re into customisation Android makes it easier. (1/2)

Its hard to come up with conclusion over something that`s entirely subjective and differs from person to person.

Using both iphone n android.. bugs are less on iOS... Jailbreak made ios 20x better ... If u like flexibility ios is not for u ... User experience is good on ios ... N yes miui is shittiest skin on top of android i have ever used!! Waiting for someone to send me pixel 6 pro

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