One for the folks working in the inclusivity space

September 15, 2021, 5:27 am
One for the folks working in the inclusivity space
One for the folks working in the inclusivity space. What is the best way for someone who cannot afford a computer to learn how to code, given they have a smart phone?

He can code on online compilers and interpreters and learn through yt and udemy etc

I`m facing the exact same problem

Get a wireless keyboard and use Mobile as a screen

The best way is to install andronix and make your phone install the linux versions available after that connect through vnc server and make your phone like pc you can do basic coding.

I would suggest to sell the smart phone and buy a cheap computer

1 (cheaper) Get a keyboard and OTG cable, make a GitHub repo and add files to it (use desktop mode). replace the in repo`s URL with We have a full fledged VS code environment here. Enjoy! 2 (better way) Get Spack editor and Trebedit are great app to code on Android

Raspberry Pi comes to the rescue

Install AIDE for Android ,java Termux all in one Dcoder for 50+ framework Acode open source editor for android

Please Bro help me on inbox?

Classic pen and paper for learning concepts. To try it out in editor, there are android apps and online IDEs, programming with Android keyboard is tough. So, buying wireless keyboard/wired keyboard and connecting it with OTG will do the trick. But the display size will suck.

I think using a phone would be a big disadvantage and it`s almost impossible to learn. If possible, maybe some people that you know who are rich can donate money and buy a cheap/refurbished laptop.

Ur github repo will also help through this

There are many IDE available through app actually im using my phone from my 1st year till now..we can practice on it,but for a full fledged experience one should should have a pc/laptop because many websites don`t provide better viewing at phones

your project would be of great help here

Watch your tutorials on YouTube. Maintain a seperate book for notes. Practice problems from backside of the book.

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