Okay I wasn`t gonna tweet about the #MicrosoftEvent but

June 25, 2021, 2:49 am
Okay I wasn`t gonna tweet about the #MicrosoftEvent but
Okay I wasn`t gonna tweet about the MicrosoftEvent but HECK: - Android apps coming to Windows - Developers get 100% of the revenue of their apps in the store I`m pleasantly surprised and hyped!

When I heard that part I was like wow, now thats how you attract an audience

It`s time to stop supporting that cancer called Apple.

Android apps on Windows! In recent years Microsoft is doing very cool things.

the second option is a very good option for the MS store. I see a lot of devs that learn java to make android apps but now they can switch to the native windows language to make windows apps and earn money %100 from it. I think another option is tax.

Agreed definitely big suprises there

Pretty cool. Quietly hopes this means a Surface Phone gets dropped...

This is major step taken by Microsoft

Quite interesting, but being Microsoft.. I`m somewhat skeptical about that 100% revenue, at least on the medium/long term.

Did they anouced Windows Phone or what?

2 different takes Microsoft has come a long way since Windows 8 and IE. GitHub, Windows Subsystem Linux, Edge is built on Chromium. Now this, pleasantly surprised.

Waiting.... Well... Linux had those from 2005.

I think developers keep 100% if they bring their commerce engine. If they use Microsoft, I believe there`s a fee. Not sure if it`s 30% or less.

I`m always hyped whenever Microsoft can find a way to ape good features and style from Mac OS. Given the choice between bad/no design and quietly ripping off Apple, I`ll happily accept the latter!

Quietly sobbing with false hope for Windows Phone revival

Whoa. Time to focus back on Android...

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