Okay https://t

December 8, 2021, 2:17 am
Okay https://t

Wait, this is illegal!!

How bout i do both

Android better than iOS

Doing like is my habit.. And doing ReTweet is my compulsion So, I did both...

Windows Phone >>>

both! Although Android is a little better cuz of freedom but neglect that and their pretty equal

I use both side by side

Well in Earth, these two are pretty popular. Twitter isnt a universal platform else everyone would have voted for Passionfruit and Banana Company

Where is passion fruit

Its Android vs iOS , pretty obvious lol

This will blow up pretty high

Well, I have both! I have an iPhone and a chromebook (which has Android apps!)

This is unfair ...! People have a general tendency to like a tweet rather than retweeting it...this is common psychology on twitter

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