Ok so as a Mac guy who wants to

August 2, 2021, 7:17 am
Ok so as a Mac guy who wants to
Ok so as a Mac guy who wants to try alternatives to WoW without spending a bunch of money, can I play things like FFXIV decently on a cheap Costco PC?

I was running FFXIV decently on a 10 year old cheapo desktop that cost me $650 when i bought it. The only thing you might want to do is swap out the graphics card for something better (pretty hard to get these days), but FFXIV runs OK on a lot of REALLY lousy machines.

Playstation will let you play/try ESO and FFXIV (ESO also playable on Xbox).

You can build a decent ryzen pc for under 200 usd, it is much easier than I ever expected.

connect an eGPU? are those still a thing?

PS4 Pro or PS5 are great for FFXIV, but might I recommend GW2. It`s a great game with incredible PVP. In addition to traditional PVP, they offer PVP maps in World vs World (WVW). Raids are also epic and the fractals are reminiscent of Mythic +. Truly a great game.

No, Bill. Go cheap, get cheap. Gaming rigs need horsepower that Costco doesnt offer. You have to go with a custom builder who specializes in gaming rigs

Fallout 76 is on the Creation engine, so it`s fairly low on the system requirement scale. Also, it would be really cool to game with you, as I am an avid 76er.

Its time to try VR and help encourage companies with alternative game types to take their genre to the next level.

Partition your Mac! But it`s really about the graphics card and Mac graphics don`t bring out the best visuals, so go with a PC with a nice graphics card and at very minimum 16gb ram.

Honestly your best bet is a ps5/ps4 for budget play, for pcs and laptops I`d recommend no less than a gtx 970/1060/2060/3060 and an i7 and an SSD. You can play on less machine of course, but it will really chug in later game play.

"[device model] [prospective game] performance" on yt can show you how any game you`re interested in will perform on a device youre looking at.

FFXIV was coded for the first several years to be able to run on a PS3, so, yes.

I have played FFXIV for years and majority of it was in a mediocre PC with a gfx card that was OK. Upgraded my card and was blown away at how much better the game was. It`s possible on not much!

I bought my last computer from The configuration tools were fantastic and wont let you mess up. Probably more expensive than getting a set Costco config, but you can downgrade plenty of stuff to keep the price down. (Cant go wrong with a GeForce 3080!)

Probably yes, if cheap is like $1200 or a touch more.

How cheap you talkin?

There is a Mac version of FFXIV that works great. Dont waste your money, unless you want to try other upcoming games like New World or Palia. In that case, though, you are better off saving a bit and getting a better PC rig.

Cheap Costco PCs are why people buy Mac. I could buy a great Mac-equivalent PC for half what Apple charges, but one you start looking at those super-low-cost PCs you`re in a race to the bottom w/ no winner. They all have to cut too many corners to be competitive.

the tragedy that we`ll never get to see jason marc eileen and phoebs storyline in the dailies where jason and marc get converted from wowhead to xiv addicts by eileen/phoebs introducing them to it

Have you looked at Guild Wars 2? It`s FTP so you can get an idea.

Ill echo everything else here: theres a benchmark tool that should help, theres a modern macOS client too, and Crystal is the best FFXIV data center I can confirm that TESO runs on a 2014 iMac at 30fps, so if your Mac is newer than that you`re probably fine for any of the compatible mmos. Most of them have Mac clients now. TESO is "free to play" with a quality-of-life features sub, FF14 i think is free up to a certain point

Its not bad on PS4 if it comes down to that.

The most fun I ever had in WoW during the full ten years I played was doing things that I discovered are the essence of Stardew Valley.

FFXIV has a Mac client, you know

Have you looked into any of the game streaming services such as Xbox Live Ultimate, PS Now, Stadia, etc? Xbox Cloud (part of Ultimate) does browser based streaming on iOS and computers.

Son says he`d have to know what the specs are on the PC & what the spec requirements are for FFXIV. His gut reaction says, "no", but he`d need more info. He says you can play FFXIV on a console, like PS4.

Not sure, but the game will tell you minimum PC requirements

There`s a benchmark tool that FFXIV has, so you can try it with different graphical settings and see if the full game will run! But: yes, you should be able to run on either Mac or PC :)

should be able to, as long as it has a discrete video card

You can play it on Mac if you want to.

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