Ok people

September 15, 2021, 11:28 am
Ok people
Ok people. I REALLY dont get why ANYONE would want to spend lakh for a phone. What special stuff does it do for you?

Fill your insecurity

Feeling of owing something elite.

theres a catch. screen guard and case mismatch so guard keeps coming off. and with samsung curved displays its hell. spigen has matching covers and guards.

It`s madness steve wozniak uses iphone 8 And he created Apple Iphone 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 This madness will never end.....

Screen is fragile in Samsung. :-(

Purchased a temporary 5.5k Micromax to replace my BB-Z10. And ended up using it for the next 3yrs! Never knew that my actual requirements were so low... In fact, it looks Grand when a Captain cheekily flaunts economy stuff where even site helpers carry 15k handsets! . . .

Bloggers .. vloggers.. Also, I own a Pixel and suits my needs. One should buy on need basis and not on brand basis.

They fixed it only after s20 series.

Apps don`t open fast multitasking is a bit slow. We are pampered with Snapdragon 8xx and suddenly a 7xx series is too slow. Android addresses this by bumping Ram but apple addresses this by ensuring apps don`t crash. Samsung phones were known to be half as slow in 6m of use.

It is a status symbol.

What I look for is reasonable still cam, good normal 4k footage, good battery lasting a day on whatsappin twitter etc. Good music clarity plus phone call clarity. That`s all. This is where many other brands are catching up. Oh ya and samsung pay is a differentiator for me.

Photo camera on 50k samsungs are great. One doesn`t need a 1.5 lac phone for just that. I think apple is tending towards addressing a holistic market segment like music artists, cinematographers, etc. I don`t belong to that category but rather someone with basic needs.

The only reason I can think of where iOS beats android is in terms of security and privacy. Play store has been flooded with lot of malware as compared to app store. If someone works on mac then Apple ecosystem is the best and for people who develop Apple apps

I have m30, s20 fe 5g, s21 ultra, and iPhone SE. M30 lacks processing power. S20 fe audio chipset is bad. S21 every part of the hardware is superlative yet software isn`t polished. Usability is where Apple scores. Video recording on iPhone is leaps and bounds better than samsung

Although I use a one lakh rupees phone, I wouldnt buy it with my own money. Its a wastage to be honest, midrange phones are getting way better, flagships arent worth it anymore.

You get magic Steve fairy dust. And equally shallow people think you`re cool.

It`s nothing but a peer pressure

Agree with your first point. But the privacy and data protection patches on any Apple product are almost the industry best practice. It`s robust and releases too frequently giving hackers the hardest nut. You don`t find such ZERO TRUST security embedded in an Android.

Most good phones are between 50000 to 60000 these days. That`s somewhat reasonable. But 1.5 lac is another territory. After seeing iPhone pro max prices I`ve gone back to my s21 ultra.

I think it`s all about an experience while one can afford to have. It doesn`t "DO" a thing different but maybe just makes you "feel" different. Pumps the vanity of ego which I think we all have in our own capacity.

You feed 100s of software and hardware engineers their salary for working hard to bring technical innovation in your hands. There are many things a phone can do today which half the people don`t use at all though. Normally companies have profits over BOM cost but it balances RnD

Absolutely, I have seen a lot of people with looking for a point to charge or carrying power bank

I think there are many duffers who will buy lakh rupees iPhone 13.

If it`s own hard-earned money, doesn`t matter Li`l indulgence is ok. Not everywhere though We should encourage high quality & high sustainability consumerism `value for money` and `cheap & best` mentality is not good for the economy Incentivizes Chinese style Industrial slavery

M happy with a 20 thousand rs phne

Why are people assuming it has to be an iPhone? Is pricing on Samsung flagship less than 1 lac?

Oh yeah, my office device is Surface Pro and absolutely love it. iPad is mainly for Netflix, Prime, etc. non keyboardy stuff/activities + kids use it too. I wouldn`t trust my kids with Surface Pro

For any product differential, if anyone cannot answer better than "it has a better feel" or "its more sophisticated" then the product just has an aspirational value - for getting external validation. Mostly for people who have an external locus of identity..

Same thinking...actually selling on high price is another form of marketing

Same here, though for tablet I give full marks to iPad for its utility over other Android tablets. Android mobile + multi factor authentication for everything possible + just core/main apps (no junk or games) keeps me happy. Value for money, performance & security!

Probably they have. an extra kidney!

I spent 80k on my phone because of 3 reasons: 1. The tech: S10 was much more advanced than previous gen, with better computing system. 2. Memory: I needed something that won`t run out of storage/memory for atleast 4 years 3. Durability: High end phones get updates for 3 yrs

IDK about a random phone costing one lakh but Apple iPhone - even if it costs less than one lakh - helps set class and status, which can be way more valuable than tangible features and benefits in some contexts e.g. price negotiations in some cultures.

This just really proves that apple products are only for people who think different

status symbol.. Everything else is a myth

Yes agreed, my larger point was that we have limited avenues available for people to show off their wealth which they can carry with them all the while. Expensive phone, watch, jewellery so new iPhone fits the bill snobbishly well.

It`s not a phone anymore, it`s jewelry

I guess even sanjukta wud look prettier in that phone.....

People spend a lakh on a wallet or a bottle of alcohol full of crying crushed yeast cells.. why? Who knows

Apple Engineers, share holders, Distributors, Foxcon Mfg employees. Amazon delivery boys. Shipping and whole economy. Wealth is distributed from Rich to Poor.

I like android on a Google Pixel. Very user-friendly phone. People go for iphone for status symbol. But for me iphone is a big no no.

Sir, last year I saved money to buy the iphone12 but changed my mind. Put the money in the bank and used the interest to pay for transport to visit people instead of calling them. This year, petrol prices have also gone up? Ab kya karoon? Please advise

Depends on how often you change. I change once in 3/4 years and always an iPhone&find it giving similar value for money or better. And for all those years and more it stays latest. And apple products are built to last. I still have the iPad using it as a camera monitor

Agree that iPhone is expensive but the problem is if you start using apple products it is difficult to get used to others. So buy iPhones 1 or 2 years after release when price becomes manageable.

People who mainly post videos and photos on YouTube, Instagram or any other social media usually go for phones like latest iPhone. With this iPhone is more secure than Android. UI is simpler. Last longer than Android. Battery is an issue though.

Luxury, Show off & Comfort. This thing called luxury, pushes people to invent more sophisticated products to come out, which will improve the quality of life. Luxury makes people to invent new items for man kind. Bring competitive nature for a better society.

Not to me but for others, Show off....

If it`s an apple iphone, it makes you look rich(like a jewellery/expensive watch or a diamond). Apple has created snob value and ppl don`t care if the real value is just 10% of the price they are paying (same phone with better specs is available in other brands for kuch lesser)

It reduces ones weight by some gms..afterall donating kidneys to buy one can`t b unworthy..

I guess this reasoning might be similar to why anyone would spend more than 10lakhs on a car?

A flagship phone is the best a company has to offer. It gives the customer assurance that the phone is perfect in every way. Some prefer to pay for the product and get a service. Other like to pay for for the product and some more to get assurance. Plus flagships look good too.

Apple is a company who makes the product (iPhone) and the software (iOS) on which the phone runs. This enables them to have perfect end of o end privacy. In android, one company makes the phone (Samsung note 10 for example) and google makes the software (android).

I felt the same. A few yrs bck my digi camera gve away. Hd a trip planned abroad. So after some research instead of buying a camera nd phone(needed 1) I wnt 4 the Sung Note 8 for 70k (approx). It hd a tremendous camera nd a beast in Performance. Still using it. To each his own

Completely agree. It just comes down to what people look for in a phone. I have some tasks done which I need to be done. And for those I need an iPhone. And its totally fine if others dont. Thats what competition is for.

Lasts for longer than mid range android phones. Has the most reliable mobile camera system. Audio quality, call quality, noise cancellation are better. OS and apps are more stable compared to even stock android. If you have other other apple devices then ecosystem works.

Take a holiday with the savings instead.

The main thing is android is Google`s product. Google is also the most used search engine. There is an entire ecosystem that thrives on google products. So whatever you do on your android is an input for google to work on and to sell,which is not the case with Apple.

I use a iPhone 11 pro, and I agree with you. It is more of a ego trip I feel

It vibrates extensively

It`s shows your time how it`s going. Even you can travel by bus and also in a ferrari. It`s all about your time which makes you to travel either in ferrari or in a bus.

I buy iPhones cause they last long. Used old one for almost 4 years till it broke completely. None do that. Might as well spend 1lakh and use the phone for 5-6 years than spending 30-40 thousand on a phone every 2 years.

It`s just owning a luxury product. Whoever is into owning brand only products, will tend to buy iPhone. But as far as value is concerned, I don`t think it`s worth the price as long as you are ok with little slowness on heavy use(in android), such issues you won`t face in iphone.

As they say very difficult to suppress your ego when it comes to show wealth. Car, house etc you can`t carry with you 24 hours. Watches are a pass so iPhone fills that gap to show off the wealth.

It gives them status symbol.

If you don`t spend money it might catch fungus.

15K to 20K for the phone, rest is for the EGO.

I care a lot about battery, storage and good camera. One can get all of them in an Android phone in thirty thousand bucks.

Well, it depends on the user. IPhone gives better privacy and ad free experience. The user experience is awesome. Once you buy an iPhone, the mobile can be used atleast for 5 years. I see people who still use iPhone 6 and they get updates too. And for some, it is matter of status

Same with me. Sometime even piss me off when my cousins spend hard earn lakhs only just for mobile... Like really. But end of the day their money their will.

I would not have a phone rather than buying those third class Android phonesuse an iphone once in your life..after that u wont even spit on an android phone rest aside tweeting this.

Nothing special unless you`re into gaming. If you`re into mobile gaming you`ll always need high end devices. For everything else you can literally use any phone.

I bought a slightly older iPhone almost entirely for privacy reasons. My research is in mobile security from a very technical POV and I can say for sure that Apple does a "better" job at security and privacy (not claiming it is perfect). But yes, Apple is exploiting the demand.

It`s FOMO mostly, driven to the hilt through tech channels and endorsements. The processing power doesn`t matter much for anything above 30k. Security and safety is mostly user-based. Camera would be better with SLR. I look for quirky models mostly.

1st things 1st I`ma spend all the money in my purse I am a fukra now who`s flaunting an Iphone, yeah-ooh 2nd things 2nd dnt u tell me its expensive I`m the one at the `sale` i`m the master of my idiocy oh-ooh U break my bank & build my debts, U make me a believer...

My take on this is if one can afford it then its absolutely fine, but what i have seen mostly is people who hardly earn enough flaunting iphones. Its all about priorities. For me spending so much for a deprciative object is utter nonsense. Different people with different mindset.

What would people do by just keeping millions and billion in Banks? Let them spend right. Money in circulation is better. Whether phone does something or not, money does for all.

One word - Delusional

Esteem... False sense of Esteem may be Performance. When you use your phone for remote server log in, company portal applicatio s , separateprofile .plus other such activities ( IT work ) it makes a lot of difference. For example snapdragon processors is way better than exynos.

Show off... Indians are a big show off

Lets check the status after 1 yr

We call it pride

Show off and portraying that you are big shot has its own cost, even though the perceived value is zero.

Phones battery drains out not because of heavy talking but heavy use on apps .Androids and easy to hack ,Freeze shut down for no reason and lasts max 1-2 years .Iphone is seamless ,strong ,ios have a very strong security plus lots more .

The snob appeal. My cell phones are for pure functionality. As long as one works fine I do not care to change it.

Vairagya measured from 0 to 1. You are somewhere in between.

Only valid for unique type phone like Samsung Z Fold. Real gamechanger.

Sir, have you ever used iPhone?

I hate paying more than 15k for a phone..... I have butter fingers when it comes to phones and 15k or lower is a good enough stress test budget!!

They are special because they dont hang, no need to replace every two years, excellent privacy controls, other apps cant read who is calling/messaging you, cant export/steal your phone book, the UI is smooth as butter, they dont show ads, not filled with bloat ware. <1/n>

There are different type of smartphone displays in The Market. I buy phone which has AMOLED display because I watch more videos on mobile.

You have to keep life interesting by creating interests like these. Activities can be different for different ppl. For one district ppl, traveling to their communities historic ruling places in India is the new craze. 1/2


Ditto sir, cumulative value of 3 phones i have bought in last 10yrs is 21000. That has changed nothing in my life, neither added any happiness nor reduced my sorrows.

BTW, I have boycotted LV Louis Vuitton , because of the animal cruelty. I use PREMIUM LUXURY INDIAN JUTE BAGS. ClimateAction

Not in range or scope. Basically not a priority.

You can talk / show off

True that but a Tata, Birla, Ambani, Godrej can`t be expected to travel by Alto Krishnan Sir point is well taken but to each his own. is the obvious fall out of Opulence and stature. Krishnan is applicable to lesser mortals like us

It boosts the self esteem and make people especially indians feel global citizens. I have hardly met anyone who is using iPhone or iPad to their full potential. For most of them it`s just a status symbol that makes them feel good about themselves. My observation.

My experience with using an iPhone and many Android phones tells me that the iPhone is the biggest scam of the 21st century. Even the latest top-end iPhone doesn`t deserve a price tag >60k.

I have a mental block... always think of how my android phone has been great all these years.... and that money saved is so useful for helping people in need

Iphone lasts for min 4 years without any issue show me any phone does the same typing in my Iphone XS Max >3.5 yrs old worth for money using it for personal/official /trading /youtube recording/ powerful camera (used to Nikon series now i quit) etc

Privacy and security from cyber net

A fashion statement like a wrist watch or pen I suppose

Its just about the choice. Couple of years before I bought Phone 11 Pro for first time. The user experience is just amazing and I use my phone for taking pics of my scale models and it produces great results. Battery lasts one full day and still works solid.

No Special stuff. Only status

One can argue that with an officially supported custom ROM, one can better tune their phone for privacy the way they want!

You can play BGMI(former PUBG) witout lag

ArunJrishnan agree 100 % with you. Besides. I have 4 sims and 3 android phones

If you are using Apple products for all your professional needs then iphone will enable you to work across devices. For example even while woking in mac notebook or imac you can view and reply all WhatsApp messages you are receiving in your iPhone.

You are spot on! The best Android phones are available for less than 25,000.

So my dad, a VLSI industry veteran always asks Do you know what the config of AGC (Apollo guidance Computer) on board Apollo 11 was that made a round trip to moon? What do you people do with all the computing power, Twitter? I m like This argument can be extended to gold, NFTs, stocks, tulips etc. It`s about PERCEIVED VALUE always.

My personal opinion - Any decent Android around 15k is equally capable of doing what high end phones do.

It spies on you better than 10000 wala phone.

Your data goes to Google server and theirs to Apple server.

Badge value! Carrying an iPhone = elite

Old Samsung $600 New iPhone $1200 Your girlfriend crazy excited coz u bought her an iPhone = Priceless

1. To follow the other sheep & 2. Because it gives them a placebo effect of feeling higher than the rest.

Jazziness is prejudiced is my point.There are people with different productivity workflows.Taking phone calls on my mbp or sharing clipboard to cross-reference phone to mbp to iPad is great productivity benefit on citation markers etc and it costs in 60k range as an investment

1.8L for the highest configuration. More than yearly income of 90% of Indians. It`s crazy.

I wouldn`t spend more than 20k for a phone

These are mostly on companies account

I use Samsung Note since 2014. I buy refurb or look for deals on discontinued models to save money. Lasts for 5 years and is the best for business user. Am able to run word and excel on my Note 9 using Samsung Dex. IMHO it has taken over from blackberry that stopped innovating.

And..biggest problem with iPhone is their non existent corss platform funcationality..infact most iPhone chargers look like they have been bitten by a mouse..

Privacy is as big a Myth as are packaged nd processed food that boast of multivitamins, magical powers and blah blah blah...the moment we agreed to install apps and use location based data, privacy was gone

Complete wastage of money.. Feeling of superiority, rich, above cattle class, etc.

Not really an iPhone fan using a motorola for more than 6 years ,only inclination to go to iPhone is the phone size all android phones are huge in size cumbersome to handle ,if i get an android with small size display will opt it above iPhone

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