Ok, my weight lifting gurus, what apps do you

June 10, 2021, 7:50 pm
Ok, my weight lifting gurus, what apps do you
Ok, my weight lifting gurus, what apps do you recommend for a beginner? Req: -Workout planning/suggestions -Videos/images so I know what proper form looks like -Tracking, but this is not a primary need, I know there are many apps that do only that, Im not interested in those

Do you know the app freeletics, try that one

If you`re interested, I really dig Chris Heria`s workouts. He has tutorials covering a variety types of movements/exercises that emphasize on form and reps/duration. Site: Playlist: I used the Fitify kettlebell app for a long time. Little videos, build your own circuit, etc.. Pretty good. Did anybody suggest flexing in front of a mirror 15 minutes a day? A bit more helpful, I used to get muscle and fitness magazine, then just mod weight. I found the picture and other info super helpful for form and muscle group targeting.

Lots of great info for beginners and others on the RP YouTube channel. Their ebooks are pretty good too. No app suggestions. Videos with proper form: Strong lifts 5X5 the free version uses 4 of the top compound lifts ( Bench,Squats,Over Head Press and Deadlift) It has in app videos to show you form and there`s decent tracking built in. If you go for the full version where you can add and remove lifts & sets its only 30/year

If your okay with a paid app Shred is amazing with a variety of both home and gym workouts and good variety of workouts no matter what style workouts you are doing.

Workout Trainer app. (Free on iOS and Android.) Itll design workouts for you based on your goals and progress.

Currently using Fitbod. You can select all equipment you have on hand, exclude certain workouts, time for workout, etc. gives a brief video of motions and description on motions / actions. I enjoy it

You should check out Caroline Girvan on YouTube! She is amazing! she has individual workouts or structured plans (Epic I & II, Heat).

Oh dangit! Yeah YouTube and Instagram for me. :) I`m literally just tracking in OneNote.

I`ve been surprised how much I like the app. In particular the ability to set up workouts, and the experience using the app during a workout is really nice.

Barbell Medicine is the answer. also, I have terrible flexibility and I have probably spent 20 years admitting this to myself and figuring out what is good technique for me. everybody is different, you can perfect these things a really long time.

consistency over volume, technique over heavy weight if tracking makes you covet working out a lot with heavy weights at the expense of technique and consistency, then don`t do it if you can hook up with someone experienced who is willing to slum it with a beginner, that`s big

StreetParking may have what you are looking for. They have programming but there`s a good amount of freedom to do on your own at your pace. Hope that helps.

No matter if you`re after strength, hypertrophy, or endurance, it`s: * squats * deadlifts * bench press * overhead press * pullups/rows The difference is varying the sets/reps/rest. IN ADDITION, you`ll do mobility exercises and I`m following /thephysiofix on Instagram

If you want a really good powerlifting split, check out Demonstrations for every type of move, varied workouts with consistent and progressive main lifts. I kept going back to this program bc I liked it more than anything else.

Strong on android has videos, rest timers, workout tracking and has a 5x5 and GCZLP workout plans already built into it. Dunno if it is on ios.

I have a trainer that plans things through True coach which has video representations, I think you can sign up and use pre built programs through it. Heard has some great workouts too.

IMHO It all depends on your goals. From there it becomes much easier to pinpoint a supplemental resource that would be beneficial to you your over all plan.

I really like this guy`s programs- "Minusthegym" on Youtube, mostly bodyweight exercise, but not all. Has some great food tips to. In my opinion the guy is down to earth, not a showboat.

Holy shit, that`s great! For me, I used youtube and a mirror to help with `how tf do i do this` and making sure form is right. Of course, no ego. So light until I could handle the weight. One workout plan that I use that can be matched against any skill level is crossfit WOD. 1/

Not an app, but when I get into a rut and feel like I need to switch things up, I reference ExRx. Lots of good information contained within; most exercises come with explanations and gifs. I`d honestly spring for a virtual coach. I`m a veteran and still appreciate the accountability and the direct comments on my videos of my lifts. DM me if you want a few reqs on coaches who come with apps and videos.

Are you thinking about going to the gym or at home?

Finding a trainer you like is the hardest part :) Since you already have him, and have worked with him, ask him to put together a plan for you! And record your sets and share them with him for feedback/guidance between when you see him

Hey all, I have a trainer, Im looking for workouts I can do without him, its why I bought the rack and installed it in the garage.

not sure if you can add to this since you`ve been on an awesome journey.

5 day workout split

JEFIT has worked well for me. It is really flexible but tracks everything well.

Set a goal first (in case you don`t have one already): gain muscle, reduce body fat, etc. The goal will drive the exercises, weight and repetitions. For a beginner the best is to focus on technique more than weight. Good luck.

Athlean X all the way! Great workout vids on YouTube

Recommend a few sessions with a personal trainer to discuss programming (weight loss / strength / endurance) and to work on your initial form. Bodybuilding dot com has this exercise finder tool and I believe its built into their app. You`ll probably hear this a lot but "Starting Strength" by Rippetoe is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and is the programming advice that gets copied and tweaked most often by imitators. His youtube channel of the same name has some good (if overlong) videos on form.

- Find a trainer (or someone who is actually knowledgeable) & learn in person first (COVID makes this tough, I know) - Use a GoPro/similar and record at least your sets (don`t have to do rest), then share them for feedback, every workout - Progress slowly

Stronglifts 5x5 worked well for me, even though the programming (exercise, not code) isn`t *perfect*. For someone not super in to fitness and with an ADD addled brain it was simple and straightforward to get started and maintain, though a little repetitive after a while.

Start slow. Focus on proper form without weights. One of the best resources for good form is (annoying) AthleanX. Don`t buy the program, just watch his videos for movement and form tips. Subscribing to this thread, as Im curious to know, too.

if you can, consider getting a few hours booked with a personal trainer to look at the four basic movements and get them right YouTube has tons of good content to keep on optimizing after that

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