Oh my gosh help

June 11, 2021, 7:46 pm
Oh my gosh help
Oh my gosh help. Do I want an iPhone or another Pixel? I do love my Pixel. Please please please don`t just answer based on your affinities. This isn`t a team sport competition.

This is the first time in my life I`m not in a contract because of an upgrade. Just trying to ride it out as long as I can!

I`m patiently waiting on the Pixel 6 with a Pixel 3 and wouldn`t switch to another brand. They really are a superior product. I`ve had the chance to play with the 4a and it`s great too!


Will it speak easily with my iPhone?

Haha yes! I always have a few but I wait until the cracks are unbearable before changing them. They`re truly a great invention!

Im following this with interest. And really trying hard to resist the sidetrack to ask why you love Fitbit so much. Ill save it for now though.

Bought an iPhone 12 mini recently because my two top priorities were that it be small/handheld and have a great camera. It is excellent on both accounts and I am very happy with my purchase. I am used to iPhone but not committed to it if something else is better.

The main reason I`ve stuck with iPhone for so long is longevity. I get an average of 5 years per phone. I prefer that (I`m cheap and I like what`s familiar) but that can be a downside if you want to upgrade regularly. It also neeeeeeeds a good protective case.

The pixel used to be better but I like the iPhone better now other than the problem with the lens flare.

My Pixel 5 has an amazing battery life (granted it`s only a month old, but best battery life out of the box of any phone I`ve had)

I use a tempered glass screen protector and always have some on hand. I`ve had good luck so far with screens. I really should be less drop-py but that won`t happen! I actually broke an OtterBox with my Pixel 2 but by then I was ready for an upgrade. Love the back button too!

Ah, found it. The ability to reply to messages and take calls via the watch (I have Versa 3) was for Android only, though for most basic functions iPhone works fine. Is there a benefit to having iMessage/FaceTime etc with other family members, household members etc.? Or are you already communicating well with your Pixel? Are you using your Pixel to cast to your TV/streaming box/smart speaker? All considerations.

Honestly I`d buy a Pixel or a white label android with good reviews. Stock UI! I love my cheap ass phone because I am cheap, but I loath the OneUI bloat Samsung puts on it. First thing I did was install all the default google apps. My next phone will be a Doogee or Blackview.

From what I could see, it`s easier with Pixel, especially since both are (or about to be?) owned by Google. But I was honestly looking for reasons to decide one way or another!

Been doing some filming stuff at work and all my co-workers with iPhones struggled with storage all week, and my Google phone just did all the work for me. I`m also thinking I`ll probably get another when it`s time to upgrade.

I have an iPhone for work and a Google for personal and they both have great aspects that I can`t do without. I recommend you get two phones

I really love how user friendly the storage stuff is on the Pixel, much more intuitive than iPhone (for me anyway). I have other Apple products but I love how Pixel is like "Your storage is full! Here, delete this stuff." I find that helpful. I prefer Google Suite!

I am an avid Fitbit user, so that played into my decision. I prefer the way Android handles calls. I also wanted something the same size or smaller as my Pixel 2. But I like iPhone photo/video capabilities better, and integration with my iPad/MacBook would have been useful.

I just double checked and they still just have it in two colours. The back of the phone feels so nice too. Like fancy paper. I use a case because I`m a klutz and drop it all the time. It`s very durable with a case on! I drop it at least once a day! How important is the camera to you?

I use an iPhone and it syncs to my computer, which I like. Id recommend you write down the qualities you want in a phone then figure out which one covers those best. I stick with Apple bc I dont want to be bouncing bw operating systems

I`ve loved my Pixel 3, but the battery life was down to half a day by the end of the warranty. I`m cheap, though, and so I`ll likely get another Pixel over an iPhone specifically because of cost

I`ve never had an iPhone but I use a MacBook and an iPad so I don`t dislike their products. When I upgraded my phone I went from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 5 and I am loving it! What made me choose the pixel? The sage colour.

I just went through this debate for myself about a month ago. I ended up with a Pixel 4, because I didn`t think I had the mental space to relearn a different OS. Overall, I think I shortchanged myself a little by not going with 5, but it works great and was low cost.

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