July 13, 2021, 7:09 pm
OH MY GOODNESS! hooked me up with the COOLEST controller & game pass for cloud gaming! Don`t miss my takeover on Twitch this Thursday July 15th 5:30PM ET! XboxPartner

Never forget. Wait now I really wanna see this

Put that baby to the test this Thursday

What you dont know is, I have been practicing everyday with my 16s and will destroy you next go round! Amazing news. iv always been a Xbox fan I had a ps2 that was it am on Xbox one but soon to upgrade I love playing different games and the controllers feel alot better then the play station

What a honor! Congratulations!

Keep it up homie, the keycard was dope


Sir youre charisma is literally off the charts.

Ill be there for it no doubt!

Grats baby! This is awesome

Sounds like the next big hit show, easily, every year a chance to be in the next big game from Xbox

super excited for this event! W needs to create a game show of some sort and I need them to hire you as the host ASAP

This is so unreal to me! I`ve been an fan since I first touched a duke controller & to get to take over their Twitch channel to play Halo with my older brother is a childhood dream I didn`t even know could exist. 2021 & the LEGIQUEENS are THRIVING! XboxPartner
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