Oh my God my Note is so laggy this

July 7, 2021, 9:54 pm
Oh my God my Note is so laggy this
Oh my God my Note is so laggy this is impossible This phone was 1100$ when released in August 2019. and now it lags more than the iPhone 7

Nice strat. Lmao have fun. Ik I would with apple fans

Lol I said Androids were laggy and ppl were mad saying that its not 2014 anymore now look whos laughing

Mb close somefucking background Apps. And yea, clean your 128gb memory...

This is what happens when you buy a Note

Use developer options to speed up animations or use a different launcher with faster or lighter animations. You should also uninstall all the apps you don`t use. Also consider updating, and doing a factory reset and start fresh.

Oh try and open Speedtest it`s gonna take like 3secs to open

thats probably why factory reset and don`t restore from a backup, just redownload your important stuff

Try to hardreset it and its like brand new. Thank me later

try factory resetting it? my note 10+ is still incredibly fast, seems like a software issue tbh

Worst feeling ever this would have never happened if google is little strict on updates strategy cuz these other companies r taking android for granted.

You`re a dangerous man. I guess I`ll run this same test on my Note 10 later and see the results.

me and every wifi device i use

What in the world. What`s happening with your phone

Going to PM you later if you`re available

Got it, ! I`ll remind you about this on Saturday, 10 July 2021 at 12:00 GMT+0000. That`s why I switched to the LG V60

Since more lag than your iphone 7 you should do a comparison to show us it is

I have an iPhone 7 right now in good condition I had it since last year of June or either July one of the otherIn my iPhone doesnt lag just saying

Then shooting a video of phone should be no issue

Samsung is overpriced shit: have always one Android and my LGs HTCs Huawei and Sonys never gave me so much grief as the two high end Samsungs I owned. Even my completely outdated IPhone 6 Plus performs better than any droid Ive ever owned.

I havent seen any prove or other related reaction on the original claim that it lags more than an iPhone 7. I have had several Samsung phones: always a big disappointment: switched to IPhone and Lo and Behold: NEVER had ANY PROBLEM ANYMORE!

Show video of the phone vs screen recording which uses resources.

Oh look, you missed some apps. I took the liberty to help you to continue to uninstall junk. Lol... you don`t show your phone love though. You have every app ever created on Google play store and Apple store downloaded on your phone

Factory reset it should be faster

omg this is unusable

had the same issue I just wiped the cache on bootloader I usually do that after every update.

Trying removing the Cache!

Why is your homescreen filled with Apps? Also don`t you have like 200apps on your phone? Surely something is running haywire. It`s never the phone, always the user. Now that`s just sad

At first clear your storage and... screen recorder records at 41 fps.. that`s why it seems laggy

U uses utube Vanced ??

the animation fps huh

how did you even have that many apps in the first place!? also that makes sense because i have like less than 80 apps total including the stock ones and maybe like 15 gigs of videos total

Hmm thats weird

An app maybe throttling. Midrange chips even perform smoothly on OneUI. Check background apps and make the unused apps sleep or deep sleep. I don`t think it happens because of the low performance of the phone.

Dont we love Samsung

Storage full? My iPhone does that too

i don`t even know how you managed to make your flagship note lag like this, even my a41 which was 1/5 of the price of that note brand new doesn`t lag like this

Probably because its hot

then don`t complain

back up all of your data and do a factory reset

um i hope this is satire!?

Still better than mine for the most part.

surprised by how well its performing even with that unhealthy amount of apps on the home screen (makes my dizzy lol)

Your phone is fulfilled. And Samsung screen recorder is buggy

Damn, that really is a problem

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