Oh guess which one of these phones lost the

October 14, 2021, 1:30 pm
Oh guess which one of these phones lost the
Oh guess which one of these phones lost the software support (INCLUDING THE SECURITY PATCHES),has 1 major update left (that`s gonna happen in a few months) and one other that`s getting AT LEAST 2 MORE OS UPDATES

Its pointless to compare these, android updates are modular and playstore is used to update all these. They might not get oem feature but thats it. Google will still support these for years to come like They just ended support for android kitkat.

Which one still has more features than the one with 2 os updates left? Which ones will still keep getting security updates from Google for many more years to come?

U see, long software support is great dont get me wrong, but i`ve been thinking lately, the more updates u install, the more storage its gonna consume, and more performance u`ll need to run the OS and so more battery life gets consumed, at the end, u lose alot for an update

Android duh

I can say its not the iPhone lmao

Honestly, I wish samsung would commit to something like 4 years of major os updates, if so I would`ve gotten a Note 20.

Google and Samsung apps will still continue to get updated, Both Samsung phones will still get features years down the line and both phones will still get Google Play updates.

AnDrOiDs DoNT nEeD sO mUcH uPdAtEs!!!!!!!! ThEyRe DiFfErEnT! StOp CoMpAriNg ThEm

Both of them are servicable. I can go with either for the next 1-2 years if I had one hehe

Note 8 DEAD, s10s 1 year left, Iphone 8, 2-3 years left

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