Now that the iPhone 13 launch is over, looking

September 15, 2021, 7:03 am
Now that the iPhone 13 launch is over, looking
Now that the iPhone 13 launch is over, looking forward to the Google Pixel 6 to see what innovative thing google does. I know Pixel 6 series won`t launch in India, but hoping google does something unique with their new Smartphones, that pushes the industry forward.

Maybe two iPhone 13 pro so that we can see how well they implemented macro camera atleast

Why don`t u make a video on car dashcams and pls suggest a good dash cam for car.

Really sad about newer pixels not launching in india. Would`ve been a great option for default android enthusiasts

Dissapointed with pricing of iPhone in India, They charge more premium.

Hello Ranjit sir, I had mac air 2017. Faced logicboard problem 2 times. 1st time it was under warranty. 2nd time its no, apple is asking for 30000/- My sister has air m1 & facing some key problem, will visit service centre soon. So seeing the above scenario, do you recommend m1?

Is a review of poco f3 gt coming man

Will launch Pixel 5a 5G in India?

Is that you saying you are not impressed?

Can we order Pixel 6 from Google should launch 6 if not pro. Just giving up market like india, not exactly a nice move. Let`s see.

I am waiting for samsung m52 5g to be launched in 19th september if they somehow keep the price around 27k it would be very good

I thought they were planning to manufacture it in India to reduce the cost.

When pixel 5a is going to launch in india, any idea?

Yes! What about 5A ? Will they launch in India like last year? That was good phone for the price and giving stock android experience

This time if possible please review the Max Variant of iPhone aka iPhone 13 Pro Max and if your budget allows you also review regular iPhone 13 :)

like older Pixels, 6 too will be having too many hardware issues. I was thinking of asking my friend to send Pixel 6pro from US, but then i thought what if my phone too had hardware issues? i wont be getting support in India. so guess i`ll wait for S22 series

But there is not much of a difference between 12 and 13 maybe reviewing 13 pro would make sense I know it cost more than 1 lakh

Please do a review of iphone 13 pro

Biggest feature of iPhone 13 was trade in. Looks like technology upgrade is saturating at Apple. Samsung has moved far ahead in tech adaption like biometrics, in display cameras, folding display etc.

But iphone 13 pro has more advancement than 13 from than previous generation

Sir, any plans to review Realme 8s 5G and Realme 8i?

And what do you think of their decision regarding not launching in india?

Wish they would launch pixel 5a india that too at 35-40k range

Hey if possible, Please buy the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max, need to hear from you about the 120 Hz display on iOS and is there any difference between the smoothness levels on iOS and Android`s

Try to review 13 pro alone bhai 13 is not worth Atleast the pro has 120hz and better battery life

Now that we have custom Silicon chip on Pixels too, we expect 5yrs of OS upgrades on Pixel lineup. Just like iPhones. I know Google has promised that.. I want Google to stick by that. And also, bringBackTheEarphoneJack

Jitna bhi inovation karle....denato outdated processor hai....!!!

Sir if the phone is anything Interesting, will you import and make a video?. Just asking...

if you wish to buy only one 1 iphone then go for the that you can share your views on the pro refresh display and also whatever little to no camera upgrade they did

I`m looking forward to Oppo conference on 16th(tomorrow) where OnePlus will kill oxygen os and make Color OS official for OnePlus

Which one you will get for review.? Iphone 13 pro.?

I highly doubt there would be anything unique.

Ranjit sir pls post a quick recap video about yesterday`s launch

Made Video Of Your Thought On Apple iPhone 13 Series

Iphone 13 don`t offer any new things. In the yesterday`s launch I only found iphone 13 pro with 120hz refresh rate and iPad mini. That`s it. Evening watch 7 is similar only screen size increased.

Considering no new pixel phones will be releasing in India. Should we buy a pixel 4a in 2021?

If they are able to minimise quality control issues that have plagued almost every pixel phone, thatll be a win for Google.

Pls!! Ipad mini 6 !! It`s somewhat intresting...

13 was so dull, apple was explaining each function in depth showing how little they had to showcase. iPhone 14 would be something

I have been using pixel 2 since 2017, what would be the better options for me if i need to buy a phone ? Stock android and camera my priority

Any planning to do video on iphone 13 series? Whats your thoughts? Planning to purchase any iphone from 13 series?

It was all as expected. Nothing innovative and just small spec bump, and even in that 120hz is only for pro versions. Let`s see what google does with tensor chip. If it`s good, the question is will google share this technology with other OEMs.

Why do you think they stopped Launching in India?

I have low expectations, tensor chip is based on the ML program that Google launched few years ago. We cant expect seem less integration of software and hardware like apple did, but Google is known to have great tech

The main question is does it have FOD??

Don`t know sir maybe, just maybe, they launch their phone. And if they, I`ll be hoping for your review.

Also their customer support for officially launched pixel4A is worst. B2X, official customer support partner of google in india charges 28k for water damge of pixel 4a.

Theyll definitely go with atleast 5 years of software support

Do new ipad mini though. Compare it with your galaxy flip.

The pixel 6 will be great if they get the pricing right. It may not have the best performance, but the AI fueled camera(s) with stock android will be a compelling buy.And the 5 years of updates. Now google just needs to advertise it well like samsung or apple.

Yes Ranjit Sir

Google being big software company in US handled by Indian guy but not bringing niche devices or even manufacturing in India

Except Samsung i don`t see any other phone company doing Innovation.....

What about pixel 5a?

On sept 19 M52 is coming hope fully it is launch in a good Focus is on that.

I don`t think so is there any unique bcz most of the vendors doing same- Performance Performance Performance. nothing special seeing these days.

Haha sir that was just for fun

Do you think pixel 5A will launch in India ?

want to buy smartphone under 25k can you suggest me some because my Honor 8x display geeting lines and white colour instantly somewho don`t now the reason

Androids always push the envelope, then apple comes, copies and has the audacity to call it the world`s first, greatest ever. Last time Apple did something innovative for the smartphone industry was the iPhone 5S. Ever since, they`ve been on the backfoot only.

I`m waiting for the Tensor/Exynos. How it`s going to perform and what Google has done to it.

I think Google pixel will more innovative than apple

Review everything that was launched in the event

I think GOOGLE will collaborate with RELIANCE to introduce a new budget phone....

Are you going to import a pixel device for yourself ?

How long does an iPhone last as compared to a typical Android smartphone in terms of years? I`m thinking of switching to iOS after being an Android user for last 9 years

Will pixel 6 come to india

Whatever they do . They will not bring it in India

Which iPhone will you buy for review?

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