Now on @TheTerminal: Apple has identified a fix for

September 19, 2022, 9:19 pm
Now on @TheTerminal: Apple has identified a fix for
Now on Apple has identified a fix for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shake issue and a software update will be released next week. The issue had been impacting third-party apps like Snap and TikTok that use the camera.

Will apple replace physically damaged devices as a result of this issue?

what about the drastic battery draining, and iMessage/Facetime keeps signing out of no where, even tho they made an update for that, ios 16.0.1, its still having that issue, and another issue is when i receive a FaceTime call they cant hear me, i have to be the one to call them

Well deserved punishment for using those apps tbh

No issue with my 14pro max, tested with instagram, whats app and facebook, how can it be software if its only affecting some units and not all?

Now we call it Dynamic vibration

If users have the same issue as the camera module in video, we can confidently say this will not address this. That`s a broken image shift stabilization module, and will require a unit or camera replacement.

And what is with the camera App from Apple? That makes sounds as well like a speaker, that was not turned off, its wispering. Or is this normal??? Also QI charging is not possible without sounds from the camera

Good! The less physical repairs or replacements needed for us regular users, the better. I dont use those 3rd party apps much right now but a fix will be appreciated for when I do.

What if the camera shake has actually damaged the lenses?

They identified a fix but why not launch the new update this week instead of next???

Its a good thing I dont trust most third party apps with access to my camera. I thought it was a hardware issue, but as per usualits iOS.


I hope they fix AirDrop next

would be great to see fixes for all of the other iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max issues, too.

What about for the mediocre battery life ?

i thought it was the android filter maaaaan

Glad its software and not hardware

I want rumors about Apple Watch series 9

Damn we have to wait A WEEK

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Dont use those terrible apps. did they fix the battery drain

"best in innovation"

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