Now I have used the iPhone 13 Pro for

October 12, 2021, 3:44 am
Now I have used the iPhone 13 Pro for
Now I have used the iPhone 13 Pro for almost 2 weeks with my primary sim. Guess its a right time for a FAQ video on the same, let me know if you have any questions will try to post video soon. Ill also post the full review later on.

is upgrading from 12 Pro to 13 Pro Max worth it? . plz choose my qn for the video

Apple generally updates iphones hardware/ software with Android phones features but implements it more seamlessly. Do you think apple strategy to use its budget on marketing instead of R&D to invent new features, Is a right path or monopoly?

Will you come back to android? Any idea if you can review pixel 6....

Sir would it be worth shifting to iPhone 13 Pro from 12 Pro ? And what differences do you find (Except the display) in both of these "Pros"? Please Reply Sir

I have never used an iPhone before but all of these youtubers saying like it has the most fluid experience ever in a smartphone (13pro). How valid is that statement comparing it with an android flagship of that same level like samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus

How many fully available mega pixel photos we can take/store with the available memory in the phone. What could be the cost of cloud storage to keep them for about next 50yrs.

iPhone 13 battery Makes sense!!

Do you think 13 pro`s camera size & weight distribution ok? I feel uncomfortable holding my phone.

I want to purchase a iphone next month should i go with the 13 Or 12 if battery is not a issue.

Is it easy to hold in the hand ? Also unfortunately stock crunch is an issue

Any changes in iOS 15.0.2? Have you noticed anything Does the screen get bright when you play HDR videos in youtube and Netflix(Dolby vision) as in my note 10+ screen generally goes brighter when playing hdr content.

Have heard that the notification on android is way better than that of ios ? Tru?

I am currently using 12 pro max and i am quite happy with my phone. But out of curiosity just asking whether i should upgrade to 13 pro max or just ignore and get the next version coming in 2022

Who would you not suggest an iPhone to..?

Have you tried with Dual sim? If yes, how is battery life?

I have the iPhone X as of now which is working perfectly fine.i tend to buy the latest iPhone model always and use them upto 4 years or so Should I upgrade to 13 pro or wait for the next year as there are rumours about next iPhone being full screen without the noch.

Sir as proRES video will come on pro models so is this feature will be available for 128gb varients as there is news that it will be only available on 256gb & uppper varients

How often do we use Li-Dar In Pro and Pro Max series?

Is the portrait mode better than it`s predecessors and if you could talk about the battrey performance please.

I am buying a motorola G40 fusion because i need great call quality & software reliability & wifi connectivity.. please suggest if something better i can get... regards

Hi, did you feel any bugs in iOS?

How was the transition from android to iPhone? Did you face any difficulties? Did you miss android? Also, how did you transfer your WhatsApp?

I currently use iPhone 12. I plan upgrade to iPhone 13. Whats big deferent in 13

Is 13 worth upgrading from i phone 11..

Is the display temperature warmer than other Oled screen with a yellowish tint.

If u have a choice to choose between iPhone and pixel which one will u choose and also apple`s retina display is same as other IPS display or it has some special exclusive features which sets it apart?. Btw love ur videos

Is truecaller working fine now ?

Is the weight a concern while daily driving it? Please consider the usecase of using it with a case/cover too. Another one, I tend to mix phones with keys. How`s the glass holding up to keys and everything? Any visible scratches?

Hello Ranjit, As tweeted that he find the camera of 12 pro more attractive than 13 pro because of HDR did you also feel the same? I also noticed in camera comparison that the photos from 13 pro looks darker as compared to other.

plese sir i phone de do 13 plese apki vajash se ham i phone chala lage sir plese sir

How does camera stood out for their hype?

what does tim cook have to do to make u switch completely to iphones?

y do u feel there is wave of people shifting to iphones?? brand value or is the experience really that much bettee compared to exynos flagships at the same price??

How much impact is the 200 nits more brightness is on this phone?

13 pro is latest but they say 14 pro is due next year soon. Worth the wait for 14 pro or max? Or should we stick to 13 pro/max?

iphone 13 or the s21+?? (i have the s21+ and the experience is not that great)... battery backup is not good when using 4g+...i feel that iphones r way more optimised than samsung flagships with exynos...

Sir, please mention about network configuration in Pro or Pro Max of Indian retailer unit. This is what I got.. Any visible difference between 120 Hz display in Android flagships vs 13 Pro ?

Hi sir ,i am planning to buy 12 pro or 13 pro ,so is really worth picking 13 pro over 12 pro just because of 120Hz . You tested both phones so what is your suggestion on this ? Pls pick my question

How does the camera improvements matters for the cost that we pay to buy???

Image Quality in daily regular usage

Is iphone 13 pro good enough for someone to ditch their android ecosystem and go for ios?

How good is battery life in day to day usage compare to 12 and how good is cinematic mode?

Hello Sir, I am currently on iPhone XR and using it with Apple Watch, I wanted to know if I should upgrade to the iPhone 12 or 13 as 13 pro would be beyond my budget and 11 doesn`t make any sense atm. Also, I took your advice by heart that is never to buy expensive stuff on EMIs

Is it notable upgrade over 12

How is it for gaming?

How was iOS working for you Also can you make a video on ipad OS 15. There seems to be a fuss around that

Connectivity... Wifi Max Speed...

What are the things in this smartphone that surprised you the most?

Is it really worth to spend 1 Lakh us on a mobile phone? Or a good mid ranger like Samsung S20 FE 5g is a better pick that cost almost half of 1/3rd of iPhone 13? Is there really so much difference in features between the two?

Which one 59 choose? FE for 34k A52s for 30k

This is less of a iPhone question and more of a iOS questionhave you noticed more than usual battery drain when the device is ideal on cellular data only?? BTW Im on iOS 15.0.2.

How is the 120 hgz refresh rate ?

How`s the general performance in iPhone13Pro compared to galaxy flagship devices like S21ultra or galaxyfold3

May please tell when is realme book review coming

What are your thoughts about the cinematic video mode ? Is it as good as they say or a first generation product ? Will we see these in upcoming devices ? I can watch your QNA for hours .

If youre at a position in Apple India, what will be the price that youll suggest apple india?

Although while we are in good network area, suddenly there are some signal drops in other mobiles. Does iphone having those ?

Upgrading from my S8+. Which one should I upgrade to? 12, 13, 13 Pro(from the US).

Is that Pro motion feature really worth for that price ? Because we are getting 120hz refresh rate for 25k also !

Have iPhone`s reached the saturation stage in terms of camera? I feel they can start implementing now the high mp lenses for getting more details because as you know when you zoom into iPhone`s pics, they get blur pretty much Also how`s the battery life? And is 13 mini worth it?

Nobody even Apppe didn`t made a video about dual eSIM on iPhone, gow to use both SIM connectivity for messaging, calling, texting etc... as many features missing in iOS 15 for the same compared to Android dual SIM connectivity...

As you also use a macbook, does the iPhone made the usage of both better as a ecosystem?

Are the cameras improved drastically from the iphone 12 pro or just a minor upgrade. Also share your thoughts about proRes video.

What was the major difference that you have observed from iphone 12 to 13. Even though apple gives smaller batteries, how do the iphones last till the end of the day?? And please do comment on the pricing of the iphones.

Does iphone 13 have the best camera in the market? Which other phone camera comes close to it?

How much difference does the camera make in iPhone 13 pro as compared to the 12?

How is the battery backup and what is to buy this phone if still using 12 pro

Is there any drastic changes in camera from IPhone 12 pro max to Iphone 13 pro max.

Is it worth using an apple product ??? Just why ?

Explain a little in video on how pairing with an Apple watch help you in day to day use ( Health , productivity, etc)

Can we expect moto edge 20 pro full review soon?

Will it be a good buy even in the first quarter of 2022 around March, I am planning to buy it from US? Or wait for iphone 14.

What is the weight of iPhone 13 Pro ? Pls pick my question.

Off topic Ranjit.. pls reply.. Samsung A52 s 5g or Samsun S20 FE

Many youtubers claim that apple is being sneaky by not really refreshing at 120hz. it`s 80-90 all the time. Which gives better battery ofc, but it`s lying straight to face. Can you shed some light on it?

Esim registered in iphone 13 pro, will get automatically used for Apple watch? Please share some knowledge on Sim management between iphone and apple watch. Thank you

Hows your experience since youve been moved to iOS from android as primary smartphone either you happy or felt restricted/ kinda force yourself to remove sim from your iPhone and back to android. Need your thoughts

I currently bought a used s21 ultra for 47k , keeping in mind i have no source of income since i just graduated, do you think it`s worth i should go for the 13 pro ? Or should my s21 ultra is good enough for the value ?

How long does its battery last ?

any android phone comparable to this iphone.

Is there are any significant changes in the front camera as compared to iphone 12?

What about the signal reception and wifi signal reception of the iPhone 13 pro? Any 3rd party app suggestion for manual camera mode?

Is it worth upgrading from iPhone xs 64GB to iPhone 13 ?

Some major changes from last which would attract someone to buy the new iPhone

I will be first time Apple iPhone user, coming from Samsung Note 9. Should I go ahead?

Does it feel heavy & unweildy in hand? How better is the display & the cameras? Is it a 2-day battery life iPhone?

How`s the intended feel with and without the case does it feel comfortable or not?

Right now I`m using Iphone 12 pro should I upgrade or wait for 14??

Comparison between s21 ultra ? Don`t consider the exynos limitations .. only the general features

Whts charging time with 5wt nd 20wt charger?

Is it better than the upcoming beast jio phone 3?

Is samsung S20FE a good android alternative of Iphone 13 pro?

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