Nothing`s Phone 1 isn`t coming to the US https://t

June 22, 2022, 3:35 pm
Nothing`s Phone 1 isn`t coming to the US https://t
Nothings Phone 1 isnt coming to the US

Just buy LED case with iPhone 12 lol

A market with iPhone as major player, competing with such a base strong product is not a game for a new company. This was pretty expected, seeing the onepluss game.

So, it`s basically the equivalent to the dollar store phones. Who tf wants to pay extra fees for Nothing lmfao Enthusiast Market my a$$ Working in the industry you know that its not necessarily that people prefer iPhone in US. If not that when it comes to android the average customers dont take risks and they go with the known brands. Samsung, Motorola, for a while LG. And they stick to them.

Wow that just killed the phone for me. Even if they eventually make a US version its too late. How could they leave out such a huge market?

So, the US is getting Nothing

It`s all good, they can have it over where they want it to be. It`s nothing anyway. It`s too late to start a new smartphone brand with a unique OS. Smartphones will rather be substituted somewhen soon with wearables that reaching another high in the next 10 years.

Meh doubt anyone ones switching off their iPhones anyway . They probably know well hate the battery life figures with those LEDs

if it`s android is built and updated by google then its pointless, any android phone will fill that niche, i want to see axsmartphone that has an OS not built and controlled by Apple or Google, somerhing that respects your privacy and no datamining by 3rd party apps

US only need iPhone. Because ppl don`t prefer Android much. And beside India, china and Europe are bigger markets than US. Selling in US is a loss for them.

they`re not entirely riding on the usual north american hype and actually properly planning it. good

Pretty sure hes in New York? Tim Cook: Nothing to worry about This is just oneplus all over again

The hype is dead to me now

Why bother with the US? Its iPhone territory.

So, they will get nothing

Really liked that hype by the US citizens

Reading the article it makes sense

And to north africa???

Aaaannnd there goes the hype lol

Just buy LED case with iPhone 12 lol

I wasn`t planning on purchasing it anyway.

This is turning out to be a OnePlus story pretty soon

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