Nothing business thanks to apple #Nothing #NothingPhone1 https://t

July 12, 2022, 4:13 pm
Nothing business thanks to apple #Nothing #NothingPhone1 https://t
Nothing business thanks to apple Nothing NothingPhone1

I Phone Best Choice Nothing

DearNothing India is not only hindi country, india is all languages country, y u guys avoiding south india ha, iam never buy nothing phone in whole life?

DearNothing DearNothing We have 5 states in south indian our people`s love to watch content in their respective language

The phone got 33W charging support, then why are they selling 45W chargers??

I can see less price for charger I am out, if prices or selling strategy is same as Apple.

I hate for only 1 reason, not including a charger when they have proprietary charging cable and charging premium price for an iPhone.

Overpriced. Disappointed. I`ll cancel my pre-order.

Pricing!! DearNothing We have 5 states in South India Our people love to watch Content in their respective languages. So the actual pricing of nothing phone 1 8+128 GB is 32,999+2499+999+1499=32,999+4997=37996

Surprised to see these pictures, can`t find these products listed on Flipkart. Do share the links

I think it`s not a killer , just a decent one Not lived upto the hype !!!

nothing in the box

I will buy nothing....

Atleast pehle apple jitni brand value to bana lete

Beating Apple at their own game.

I think it`s a sub-brand of apple in android.

Mahn this is real competition for apple now

iPhone charger only 1900

Can buy a feature phone with that

5000 ki accessories Bhaisahab Ye almost like 30-40% hai majority people k phone buying budget ka....

Brands like Apple (especially since it started this), Samsung should be heavily penalized & fined for this type of pathetic practice. Brazil & France did a good thing to not allow this in their country. Hope Indian govt opens it`s eyes & bans this!

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