Not the worst hit I could have been given

January 25, 2021, 10:58 pm
Not the worst hit I could have been given
Not the worst hit I could have been given. Which of our Android Bitizens is excited to play the Mafia Update after the code merge?

As an android bitizen I`m pumped!! im excited for the popstar update

i played for it in my brother`s iphone but i cannot do anything bc it is not in god mode and bitizen mode. my android is in bitizen and god mode so i am very excited with it

Could you guys incorporate negotiations in contracts?

We Android players need the royalty update as well please

Of course I am! BTW thank you for hard work which you put in.

MeI cant wait ...thanks for working hard ...and Do u guys Know how much time it will be till the release date because iam too excited

Nature is back in course Is this a hint that it`s soon

Me finna be awesome

Not excited, but super enthusiastic.

Is it just my phone or do you guys have to double tap the buttons for the menus to open?

You guys better take your break after this because you work hard on this for few month before and to me it look like you are working on this from 1800 century Take this ice cream for work hard: Bet your sweet bippy i am will everything from the last lgbt-update be in the new version too? or just the big updates like royalty etc?

I having feel they might drop it tomorrow because they told in one tweet it is pretty good just saying and they told it will be April but thing may move faster or slower Either this or april I might have a heart attack If you realse it tomorrow I ended up switching to an iPhone

I`m excited for royalty xD

When are we getting a update for non bitizens user

Add drug dealing after merge and more stuff to do in mafia

Most definitely me. I`m tires of this game being hated on for that simple reason of being outdated.


Y`all ever notice that Bitlife is lowkey given us info.....i think it will come out in February i just know it....

Make the game available in Portuguese too please, make the gameplay easier. I`ve a great level of knowledge in English but even so there are things that I`ve to keep translating to understand 100% clearly.

I`m exited for the incest update plz


Can you give an estimate of when its done?

Updat idea! Let me interact with other celebz!!! Such as Natalie Portman so she can marry me!!! MUHAHAH well it aint evil! It jut hot !

I`m more excited about sports and music updates

Super Excited

When are we getting the update again

If they are saying that we are excited about it they could release next month or march

ME! Thanks for all the work up to Bitlife, as soon as you can let us know. I love you

Yeah I`m really excited Not being sarcastic

I am happy about it and the Royalty update

Who isn`t? I AM!!!! Eagerly waiting for the update! Thank you BitLife! More power to you

Bollocks they cocking deceived me

Yup cant wait til April.

How is ur day

this took me so damn long Me! The update looks so cool

Like and Retweet!

HYPED, but come on BitLife, if you tell me there will never be a vampire update I will accept it and never bother you again

I will be in mafia but i will be rather playing in Barcelona

I think a witchcraft update would be so cool! You could use it in conflict!

I cant describe how much I`m hyped for it


Will there be any updates before the merge?

I think every android player is!

I can`t really wait

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