Not only their accounts will be permanently banned but

November 23, 2021, 4:48 pm
Not only their accounts will be permanently banned but
Not only their accounts will be permanently banned but will also be removed from the leader board. We are working on the issues that you have reported. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Nice The easiest solution would be to implement device bans

That makes the game unplayable PUBGNEWSTATE Please upgrade the servers Ping has a problem

Please make separate sensitivity settings for sniper rifles.

Pls ban this player Hello Dev, i have a problem here, why is my account banned? even though I didn`t do any cheating in this game, I`m an honest player, I don`t use 3rd party apps or emulators, I don`t have friends who use cheaters, I don`t use config, basically I didn`t do any cheating, why? As a player I am concerned about what is happening with PUBG NEW STATE, there is a lot of uncertainty, the game is overrun with cheaters, and that is damaging for Krafton PUBGNEWSTATE We`re not looking for a miracle because there`s always going to be hackers in any game because nothing is 100% secure in this world. What we don`t want is to be overrun with them and when there are issues for them to be taken care of just like you`re doing. Great job

Good Job !! Ban to the hackers!!!

But that`s not a solution. It`ll take them less than 2 mins to make a new email id and get right back into the game doing what they were before the ban. Honestly, until you don`t start banning mac ids, no one is actually banned.

There are also those who use pieces equipped with multiple USB ports and they connect them to the device via Bluetooth, after that they connect the keyboard and mouse.. And the piece has a special program. Please block all these programs when using them with the game

How to change the name in the game

Why is there no protection I started hating the game

Sir, there are those who use a keyboard and mouse without ban. This must be emphasized too. Thank you for your efforts

Can we just appreciate how much they care about the players and the game in general? I hope it continues like this and this game will be great one day, not a lot of developers are like this in the mobile industry. Thank you for all your efforts NS dev team

IP ban,no hardware ban them. That will be a revolutionary step against hackers in mobile gaming

and the device ..

Hello Team, I playing 2-3 match Once. after Lobby Graphics Shows Blur, Please Fix it Device : Mi 11X Version : Android 11

I`m suffering from low fps in close range

Plz fix recoil issue on four finger it is on infinix note 10 and note 7

Hey sir As you are answering us Could you give information about survivor pass NC?

Thank u I use a huawei p30 n wen will will the update come to me so I can start playing again please let me know xx

What is leader board

POCO X3 PRO not collected awards from Survival Pass, fix please.

Hello, in the game, when you pull the headset and put it back, it throws it from the game. There is such a problem on most Xiaomi phones, please fix it Xiaomi redmi note 9S Android 11

but they come back anyway Use IP Ban lmao

Please fix the error that it does not allow to record the internal audio of the game in android, especially in xiaomi redmi note 9s

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