Not a single Xbox only title is here

September 14, 2021, 7:43 pm
Not a single Xbox only title is here
Not a single Xbox only title is here...


Yep It`s just mlb that don`t have digital Xbox data

It`s MAD that Ghost of Tsushima, a game that`s over a year old at this point AND an exclusive is number 2 in the charts. Just goes to show what an incredible game it is!!

What Xbox game even came out in august besides the Ascent

They don`t buy games only want to rent them what do you expect

Psychonauts 2 is digital only what did you expect?

That seems to be US Only.

Of course a sport game will be on top, screw you EA for making this madness true on that mostly

There is no Xbox only title

If you love that much Playstation (Japan) why are u living in United States of Amrica (XBOX). You should move to Japan and speak japanesse.

Come on, give them that

Well these don`t exist. So not surprising.

Because theyre on Gamepass.

Includes digital sales, im shocked we dont see GOTY Psychonauts 2

That`s what I meant mf Could have said it earlier

When ghost or spiderman goes to pc is it still a sony only title?

You sure riled him up LMAO when you cant come up with an argument so you just pretend like its not a big deal Yeah i saw the bottom line and it contradicts the 2 last lines listed but what do i know. August only had 1 good game from XGS and it`s a platformer

XboxGamePass for the win!!!! Xbox digital ssles not included..... Weird list. I never trust physical sales figures when it comes to games. The majority buys games or rent games digitally. Even the biggest retailers only have digital keyes for sale on their page


Just reporting in npd Get better at lies lmao

Explain mf I`m confused here

What`s the problem You are highlight as if there is some problem explain

Minecraft is basically Xbox as they own it haha technically they are in there

And ? Y`all deadass going so low

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