Nintendo has reportedly said that it isn`t planning to

February 1, 2021, 4:40 pm
Nintendo has reportedly said that it isn`t planning to
Nintendo has reportedly said that it isn`t planning to announce a new model of Switch `anytime soon`.

and they also don`t plan to make any new games actually worth 80$ and they definitely don`t plan to reduce the price on their old as fuck catalogue nor will they ever put their good titles online. glory be Nintendo.

Okay, but what about `sometime nearish`?

Big sad. I would like to play BotW2 in 60fps.

Im fine with that, but can we just get more games and better voice chat

Probably a new switch altogether

Well duh, if you continuously speculate that they are going to reveal a new switch EVENTUALLY you will be correct.

They still haven`t fixed the Joy-Con problem?

old news they stated this ages ago that the switch is only halfway through it`s lifecycle

I`d say their loss, but they can get away with it lol

No longer need got the series x and orginial switch letting all this go for $200 pickup Baton Rouge,Louisiana or shipping will be $20 with buyers signature required on delivery can take more pics for verification Hopefully they do another console soon

Ok so anyway Nintendo. You better allow a good price for trading in the old model is all I know.

Remember that time Iwata said they weren`t making a ss successor and then they announced the 3ds like 2 weeks later..... I`m getting some dj vu

An OLED 4K screen and Bluetooth capability would be awesome

Good because I still can`t afford this one.

There is no need for a any new switch model. A pro isn`t going to change much. Its not going to change the games they make as they still need to produce games that is compatible on ALL of their systems.

I can understand it since it is a pretty recent console, but they have to keep up with the other consoles somehow! Add stuff like better graphics or 4K. The fact that a system like the switch can run these type of games is INSANE, but surely we`re not on the limit yet.

They just released limited edition models it would be weird if they upgrade it anytime soon

They need to, at least a 1080p screen

They dont have any handheld competition thats why. If sony or microsoft had thesame console wit more power, we wud have seen switch pro max lite

Success is a double edged sword...

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