NEW VIDEO - iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New

July 11, 2022, 5:55 pm
NEW VIDEO - iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New
NEW VIDEO - iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

Are you running this on your primary device?

This has got to be the best intro Ive ever seen to a YouTube video period!

Hands down best intro ever!

Where are you getting those wallpapers? Especially the building ones?

Notifs appeared as soon as I saw the tweet, don`t even have them on lol The intro was AMAZING!!! The way it got cropped out to an iPhone screen and perfect mapped that to a phone on a desk at the end and wait when you move it away there is the title! Perfection man

woah! the first 30 seconds.

That intro was sooo sickkk

Interesting new features hope others brands copy them

the intro was dope i know the making process might not be hard but just the idea of how to create that intro is cool af you have a excellent team

Live Object is such an awesome feature (that I hope Google adds to Android or at least the Pixel).

For me the beta has been pretty stable. Also Did anyone else notice the weather logo?

Guys. That intro straight up slaps.

your microphone setup is picking up more than your voice. the constant low end "grumble" in between speech is very prominent and annoying.

Where is your Android 13 feature video?

We already on it watching..Team MKBHD AFRICA we Lead.

Marques spent $44 Billion on Twitter. The Worlds population is 8 billion. He could have given each person $5 billion and still have money leftover. I feel like a cheque for $5 billion would be life changing for most people. Yet he wasted it all on Twitter.

When is MacBook Air review coming

Wowww . I was the second viewer Just give me a MacBook Air M2 so I would be able to edit my videos like yours Marques!

That weather shape thing for (Apple is finally bringing its first-party Weather app to iPad as part of iPadOS 16) EasterEggs In my experience of using the beta on a iPhone, this is arguably one of the best iOS updates in a LONG time! Its WAY better than iOS 15.5.


That intro was just insane. My god, what a team you have, man!

You`re always always talking about Apple. why don`t you talk about how good Android 13 is how smooth it is. no bugs. how good it is. no when Google does bad I talk about it

Your time between uploading and processing is short!

Why the link you provide redirect to youtube app?

Massively good thumbnail

First to view! Next macos, ipados and android

public beta out

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