New Nokia dual-SIM Windows Phone leaks online

December 24, 2013, 5:13 pm
New Nokia dual-SIM Windows Phone leaks online
Nokia is expected to roll out a number of new Windows Phone-based smartphones in 2014. Rumors of all kinds surround those coming gadgets including one regarding a Nokia device made for developing markets.A leaked photo which has now appeared online suggests a new Nokia dual-SIM Windows Phone 8.1 device which could as well be that specific one.The leak comes from @evleaks which claims the picture is a screenshot from the Moneypenny, the Nokia device which was already rumored before.
If the picture is genuine, and most probably is, it will be the first time a dual-SIM Windows Phone comes out. Dual-SIM support is steadily becoming more important to the markets of India and China, where that feature is considered a major plus.
We can`t get much else from the leaked photo, except that the device might be called the Lumia 630, but even this is a wild guess.
We will also have to wait a bit before actually seeing the device, since Microsoft has to first make Windows Phone 8.1 
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