New #NBA2K22 screens captured on PS5

July 22, 2021, 1:32 am
New #NBA2K22 screens captured on PS5
New NBA2K22 screens captured on PS5

Cool now release more PS5s

Oh cool you can make white people that dont look like cavemen now

I want next gen PC graphics bytch

Offense is more skill based

Glorious yearly dogshit at its finest

Same sweaty graphics oh my welp lemme know when its free On gamepass

If anybody is in here saysthey just added sweat please gtfo

Looks like exactly the same as the last game and the last game and the last game and so on

Deez graphics thooooooo Looks like last year 2k

can`t wait the gen where I don`t see the difference between the game and real life

Nice but can we make sure that Taco is not faster than Mugsy with ball in hand. Thank you.

Groundbreaking it looks just like 2k21

4K Sweat!!! We gave players sweat now give us 70 dollars for base game.

PS5 looks trash... Just saying

Graphics look weak not impressed at all Fail i`m sure the devs lost countless hours of sleep to do this and it does look pretty good, but it doesn`t change the fact that the game is almost identical every year and has advertisements and microtransactions and gambling that targets children.

Maybe When its in bargain bin around Christmas/Black Friday. Get rid of contracts in myteam

Lebron seeing dirk and luka as cover athletes Graphics are cool n all but I stopped paying full price for 2k after 2k18. I`ll get this one when it goes on sale.

What`s the haps on the haptics sony?

Hey Sony I didn`t purchase my PS5 for it to gather dust. I mean if you aren`t going to release anything new then at least boost last gen PS4 games up to 60FPS like Microsoft are doing for the Series X.

oh yeah, the low details quality is the reason why I don`t play this game

How about yall make the ps5 accessible to everyone

Is this Miles Morales on steroids? lol poor PS5 owners not catching a break, this looks just like the rest of the games previous to it. just get a Switch and a Steam deck the freedom of having all your games on the go is something every gamer should enjoy. nobody: 2K characters: Looks pretty, though its odd that everyone has the exact same forehead sweat pattern. I dont know what goes into forehead sweat physics. Will there be an option in the settings to crank it down a skosh?

Looks well,but add a bit of soul to them eyes please

Come on Sony add CAPCOM VS SNK 2 to the PlayStation store !! Its on the Ps3 store!

I wish the hockey games looked half as good as these.

Doncic face still strange

I aint copping till I see that blacktop

2k21 next gen on sale for $20 prolly too late

That sweat better have ray-traced reflections

Xbox better tho Bring back rookie setting for mycareer.. for casual basketball gamers like me

i see Luka finally looks like Luka

please Playstation stop tweeting for teen and launch ps now in brazil logo I don`t want to have to switch to Xbox to not stop eating and buy pfv game

BEHOLD FELLOW GAMERS! The GOAT, the man with the most dangerous fade away, the man who drank a beer before every game, the man who destroyed the Miamis big 3 without the need of a super team. Behold Dirk Nowitzki!!!! looking good in 2k!

Your career mode character gonna still look like a horse though. Fixed looks exactly like 2k21 next gen

Game without console

Luka and rui look terrible my god

Meanwhile the gameplay gonna be like Eww this game is garage

Does this mean we finally get a female mycareer?

No one I know still supports basketball so this is probably useless

So basically another NBA 2k21 next gen.

Bravia Core for ps5 please Don`t support 2K`s casino game that targets children. Don`t support EA, and Activision in these practices as well.

Looks like NBA2K21 to me

crash gab game full of virtual currency

Xbox owns you unfortunately

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