Never owned a high-quality phone

January 31, 2021, 8:27 am
Never owned a high-quality phone
Never owned a high-quality phone. Saved and saved, ready to buy... can`t decide. iPhone 12 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21. Thoughts and reasons? Please and TY!

It depends on what you want from your phone. I personally avoid iPhone as expensive and behind in festures. For me I like that android based works with the gadgets I have already also. I am used to android and its flexibility. Sister is apple, it works for her gadgets and life.

It took some getting used to at first. But after a couple weeks I knew Id never go back. I was constantly having issues with my Androids freezing or shutting off. But again that was 8 years ago.

.. this iPhone 6 has lasted me 5 and a half years.. but its getting sad .. Ill stick with Samsung.. maybe a 10 would do .. good camera and nicer emoji selection.. thats important too

Im an iPhone fan.

IPhone user since the first one. I tried an Android as a company phone, and had nothing but problems. Apple is the best for security, and its customer service is amazing. Apple all the way.

Ive been an iPhone user since 2013 and have never had any major issues or things that couldnt be easily fixed. Ill never go back to Android.

iPhone. I had an iPhone. Bf convinced me to buy a Samsung. I have loathed that POS for two years while I paid it off. Finally back to iPhone! Ahhhhhhh.

Ill be getting a Samsung when this iPhone dies .. Apple slow your phone down deliberately if your non compliant with updates .. not sure Id need the latest version though:))

Apple ecosystem is fool proof. Path of least resistance. I own Android, just means that there is a bit more commitment required, and I emphasize the "bit" part. But everyone else in my family is Apple, and they will never change...

iPhone They work great and last forever

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