My phone was stolen! The hacked into my @FNBSA

July 12, 2022, 1:51 pm
My phone was stolen! The hacked into my @FNBSA
My phone was stolen! The hacked into my app and moved the money. Now the question is, how did they do it when the app requires faceID / selfie to unlock?

U wld need internet access either on pc or another phone. I lost mine last month on a Friday. I put it on lost mode same time. Bt wen l called Mtn l realised the thieves had tried to sim swap my number also and failed

Sorry man. Just that hackers are 10yrs ahead of any organization. THE DEEP WEB IS 96% OF THE INTERNET, GOOGLE KNOW ONLY 4% OF IT. So you can imagine what goes on in the dark

Nope. I access my Icloud with apple ID and password. It doesn`t need that confirmation.

There`s an App i use to hide my banking apps and WhattsApp

will treat you like a idiot I tell you, my dad was robbed out in a boot and left at a deserted place. The criminals used R500 five times at one shop and the bank asked him how did they get his pin code

It sounds like your phone was unlocked in the process ? I mean it also sounds like a phishing scam. No matter what people say , fully unlocking an iPhone without Face ID itself is hard man . They have to know your passcode man

Meanwhile my app is asking for my password which I can`t remeber (yes I know you can reset it, but now I need to stand up and fetch the card) because I`ve always used biometrics

Im so sorry to hear brother, guys please do not be on your phones while outside rather get a smart watch. They grabbed my phone and jumped into a white Toyota in Pretoria. This syndicate is well oiled and unfortunately SAPS cant do anything.

IS THE WORST! Im starting to believe that they are the actual criminals together with Send your complaints to hello Peter website

It`s amazing how fraudsters get away with a lot so quickly, yet we have to jump through hoops and prove our identity like we`re the criminals, answering soooo many questions, to get issues resolved or rather, get our money back!! The system is rigged.

Your phothos from social media

Sad to hear about your ordeal Katlego. I guess it`s time that extra layers of security be installed on these apps. Such things as biometric verification/pwd to access savings acc or move money out of it. Or any foolproof features.

Same happened to me trust me Fnb won`t pay a dime back but reverse the chargers it coasted for the transfer might as well leave it and joing Capitec cabt even tell you who it was kodwa it`s a capitec account holder. Can`t even provide the police with such information. is ridiculous in this regard.

Useless those ones

9/10 times registered acc holder who got sent has no idea of this story. Guys (usually Nigerians) r very smart. They use mule acc of normal ppl. 1 trick used is P2P Bitcoin buy/sell. So they buy BTC by sending that money frm ur acc to random seller. BTC seller has no idea.

Sometimes we use our pins randomly doing only shopping and visiting same apps and leaving our data open. Always be careful when you use your bank app pin

This is an inside job ie someone from within the bank.

They did that to me in 2017 and left them. Their fraud department is too slow.

Same issue with Capitec. Just got an apology

When FaceID is unsuccessful, banking apps (just like your phone) ask you to enter a PIN/passcode instead. I suspect it was someone close to you who knew both your iPhones passcode and your banking app PINs. Xolo, mntase

Maybe they did not use your phone to directly go into your banking app but used internet banking on another device and then used your phone to just preview OTPs from the bank via notifications?

That`s why I stay broke in my banking apps,and in general it helps I`ll never loose no money if phone get lost I never meet my salary it doesn`t spend a day in there

These people are known by these banks their details are there to investigate, don`t be surprised when they come back with unreasonable excuses and technicalities that favour them at your expense.

can this happen

and haven`t responded, 17 hrs later. & clients take note.

Once gives you a reference number, they`re job is done

I wanna say something, but others will learn from

Ever heard of Forget My Password. You were not hacked. If they had the phone they can just reset your password.

Went through the same with Eish Good luck, and thanks for the updates. Scary.

Stop activating ,any type of security especially to banks apps that face recognition security it`s not 100% reliable

This is an eye-opener

Going through the comments ,always thought banking app was safe kante nope

I cloud is very hackable

I think rather dont use the option of face recognition and use the password option, thn dont save the password on passwords as well just to b safe..

How many times have yall been told to never keep large amounts of money in your day to day transactional accounts? Yall need to learn to budget and plan your finances. There is no need to keep anything above R10k in a day to day account unless you spend that much per week.

If the Face ID fails the app will revert to a password.

yooh, sorry my guy, thats really scary and painful

We as consumers our transaction amounts must be minimal (zero is ideal) until when you transact change the amount on our APP, transact and take it back to zero. Hade for your misfortune Katlego.

I think is advisable to delink your stolen devices from your online banking

Same as It might be someone who knew ur pin cause clearly ur cellphone was targeted not by random thieves, even social engineering still works.

Ombudsman will help you quick quick

That time I trust FNB with my whole heart

Remove your banking apps from the home screen

Do you use face ID anywhere else on your phone? Does your phone have pictures of your face? Either of these can be used to unlock other places with the same security

That`s for you

Your picture from social media?

didnt something similar happen to you with Capitec as well?

Wow it`s horrible KM

The same happened to my sister, she was using Capitec

Omg this is terrifying

I stand to be corrected,but you can access your iCloud from a desktop to enable this function

Capitec will never respond I once reported the same to them , they took forever even today I haven`t gotten my money back , even moved from this useless bank

The person who stole your phone knows your passwords

Best bank? My foot! Trash

Face unlock is not secure. Fingerprint on androids are much safer.

Log in to your phone iCloud from another iPhone and you can enable lost mode and initiate an erase from that phone to the stolen device that is still linked

m so shocked thinking of deleting the apps and having a phone rather at home for them safer that way

What the hell

It used Face ID or pin/password, so if they hacked the password then they are in.

they probably did the whole forgot password thing & it sent an otp to yo number then changed ur password & got into ur acc that way .. Im guessing here

This is similar to ghost debit orders, every now and then I have to reverse fraudulent Debit orders with FNB. Why are they so prone to such ?

is useless Xem. I Lost R6000 and they told me there`s nothing they can do. I should just report it to the police!!!

Lesson here remove all internet banking on your phone. Use the ussd code for phone banking it doesn`t need internet but best part they will not know your pin to access this. I think thats the only solution , infact thats what i do and never stress even if my phone is missing

They could`ve added their fingerprint/face ID on your phone settings after stealing it. The only thing they need is your password. So it`s possible that they knew your password (either guessed it - very rare or it`s someone you know or they wiped the phone to clear password)

is useless that much I can tell you, they will not assist you.

These convenient this are nice until its time for your phone to be stolen. My phone has been saying apple pay etc no thanks. Also tap and pay card i find it SO convenient but I need to do away with it. Your card falls thats it gone. Move to Standard bank they are fortnox

Sad brother with my iPhone they stole it and took 4K from my account fraud department came with excuses and silly reasons. The banks in SA are honestly part of these scams

So sorry about this. Hope you get your money back.

Same thing happened to me but got my money back with standard bank

When u lose your phone, instantly disable Face ID login to your banking app!

Dude so you really spent all that money to buy an iPhone and you didnt even learn what to do once it was stolen from you? Everyone knows once you lose your iPhone you must immediately go to and put the iPhone on lost mode.

These banks won`t help you. Something similar happened with me and bank. I had to pay the money myself.

I could do it if I was a programmer. They are able to clone a simcard & retrieve all the info. How can they not do it with deep fakes

Given your lack of knowledge on how your iPhone works, Im doubting your security measures before the event.

Forget Capitec!! Incompetent abo

Never ever underestimate the other gender or whoever you sleep with at nightExperience has taught me well

my wife had her iphone stolen , the thieves logged into her FNB app (fingerprint) they transferred money and even had the audacity of increasing her overdraft limit so they could get more money.

Ask your twin

Capitec will not assist Shem thats why I left the bank

Same thing happened to me and was useless!

Rule 1 Never move around with the fone that has your banking app Nowadays highjacks are done so they get access to your app

Im so sorry !!!

we should be asking you this

I don`t know the issue and need NOT It`s NOT my space and hv a limited knowledge around these things- I believe me on this, yhaa right BUT they should and MUST sort you out The ONLY pain is the distress, the effect on other things and serious inconvenience nonsense

No, you can do that by logging in using another device

The probably used one of you pictures from the same phone . Safe ID is not safe at all , fingerprint is the best biometric.

Will be adding to the thread updates (this might also help future victims) : reached out telephonically.a fraud specialist is allocated and they have sent fraud forms to fill. To be cont...

If they got into your iCloud its wraps. Every little sensitive thing stays there. Passwords included

Legit mafiasorganised crimes at an intelligent levelthey wont take responsibility because youre their customer but if you try an hack their systems, youll definitely see how much intelligence of technology they have to trace their money backWOLF OF WALL STREET

Trust me

I moved to bank and no problems since then and security on the app is on point!

Downside of banking apps

My friend also last week they mugged her ,took her phone .they cleared her account is using FNB .

It happens very quickly and if your password is just a 6 digit code, it can easily be broken down in 1 minute. These guys have technology for these.

They printed a copy of your face, that`s how

I smell a security lawsuit.

My dad experienced the same in 2020 as soon as he received his pension payout. paid him back his money swiftly and got him his number back

Well if they managed to unlock the device itself, which required the same Face ID as the banking app would, then its a no brainer. Not a fault on the banks side, they just outsmarted you. Also when Face ID fails, it allows for manual input, passwords saved on phone.

Yes true. Mine took longer to block cause I didn`t have access to a phone or internet. People don`t trust these days

this is the account number that was used to transfer my money to it when I called and asked for the money to be reversed back to my account I was told that it has already been used and you guys failed to give me the account holder name. The phone was probably unlocked. After they can access your gallery for a pics of you. Send it to another phone. When the app in question require facial verification they use the pics available on the other phone. This is one of the advantage of fingerprint biometric over facial.

That wasnt a hack, they had access to your phonepossibly your passcode too! Its like leaving your gate open, if a criminal walks in, is that breaking in?

Anyone has this experience with app?? Just wanna know

You`ll be very lucky if gives you back that money. We`ve been waiting since December last year and nothing has been done.

you must always use password for bank app, faceID and fingerprint can be easy hacked.

This happened to last year, but his phone was hacked.

Thinking to delete my apps and download them every month end when doing transactions I`ll get used to that

Unamaphike dude yho

When they stole mine I called the FNB fraud department and blocked ALL cards and accounts. I am so sorry Katlego.

This is Scary! They will ask you why you didn`t set up two-factor authentication. Next time set it up to yourself your finger print, not face-recognition, especially if your face recognition software can`t tell the difference between 2-D (selfie) and 3-D (actual face).

So sorry... Always have two step verification activated for any app. Its a schlep but one has to. As for the banks, they won`t lose...this is a painful thing to go through

Sorry about what happened to you but the fact that you used the word hack it means that you fell in to phishing. Theres is one password which you saved that led them to your banking app password,easy. Being lazy to type password result in this circumstances most of the time.

As long as they can access your phone then they can send your photo to another phone and unlock it..the Apps are tiring yesses..and ama investigations take too long..hade boss

I dont think theres anything thats 100% safe and secure sir.

The banks are in on it

I think judging from the comments here iPhone security system is very weak, my android got lost and had all the banking apps but not a cent was taken or myb they didn`t know how to, anyhow as soon as the phone is stolen just block your banking apps ASAP it worked for me.

This happened to me last year. They stole my iPhone and accesed my banking app. Lost all my money

Friend on mine lost his card in December 21 and blocked it same day.. last week they took all his money and now hes on a negative balance.. needs to investigate!

Now it makes how you got scammed.. I bet you`re that type who doesn`t listen to other people`s advices ..

Katlego call sabric they will help you ,their office is opposite mall of Africa

please explain!

They take forever to provide feedback its over a month now since I sent them a refund request to this day I havent heard from them. I am so sick

You just need to log into your iCloud you can do this from any device, it doesnt have to be an Apple product.

Whenever I transfer money from my savings it requires my Face ID an you dodge it how the hell did that happen

fraud department doesnt help, someone stole our business credit card , called them million times to deactivate the card, even to this day the taxi driver who stole it is still using it to pass the toll gates, the amount is over 10k that he has used so far

Move to bidvest of discovery,their cyber is very protected

Very important, always clean your browser data , then you youll be safe

Facial recognition is not 100% accurate, if there is some one who looks alike it opens.

I lock messages, mails and WhatsApps. I suppose that will only cause a delay than a prevention. Yhu bawo

Photos of your face?

I definitely vouch for when it comes to security. They will call or freeze your account if they notice any movements in your account that dont align with your normal transactional behavior.

You jus need a device you can use to connect to Internet

Yheeeeeey.. Sanuxoka apha nina about Iphone what what.. Just admit that yall were caught in your blonde moments and fell for links and competitions you never participated in.. Liking things is nothing to be ashamed of.. Happens to the best of us.. Nah bro you simply go to login into ya account n lock the phone

I`m surprised you never took the time to learn how to use your phone effectively

do something please

Losing a phone is such an inconvenience, I lost my number of 8 years because I could not get past those security questions from It`s so frustrating!

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