My man @ztlaidlaw is up and at ‘em hey

January 14, 2021, 5:47 pm
My man @ztlaidlaw is up and at ‘em hey
My man is up and at em hey thoughts on this. Ive been discussing w as well. A friend of mine picked up cp2077 on stadia but hes pissed that 4K is locked behind a pay wall. His thoughts are, if I pay full price for the game I shouldnt pay for 4K

I think its a fair offer as is considering you can run it on pretty much any PC, laptop or tablet you own. Downplaying the fact of 0 proprietary hardware is required to be able to play the latest AAA titles really doesnt do Stadia justice.


Well, you didnt have to shove 500 bucks over to Google PLUS the 60 bucks for the game itself to play it in the first place so thats that. Thats 660 vs., considering the play time, 70-80 bucks. And thats with no fee for online play (not applying to CP) and with free games.

Which part is a stretch? Cost? Here is the article... If they are saying they charge more for extra resources, outside of aframerate and 4K what resources have you seen in next gen that warrent a $10 upcharge? 100% I have Google everything in my home, from nest minis to phones Chromebooks slates, stadia, pixelbuds you name it I`d probably still pay for the pro sub if they offered NOTHING, `Just pay us because you love us, from Google` What do they call it? Google fanboy

The value of stadia pro is offering more than 1 feature for the cost of the sub. If you conducted a poll of all the stadia user base on what they sub to pro for, I`d probably say the free games would come out on top, but there would be a LOT who only sub for the 4k resolution.

That is until he realizes that he is paying extra for 4K. Even if it`s $10 added on his game purchase cost just from last generation to this one. And that`s per game, not per month for the service...

Then why on earth did he get the game on Stadia then? It only runs bad on the old gen consoles. You`re starting to make all this sound made up, sorry.

For me, nope. I sub for the free games and to support Stadia. Im also not keen on 4K, though. I just dont use it, so I may not be the best example.

Talking about your friend. He could always get a $500 next gen console instead.

Personally, yes. I haven`t touched a lot of the games on stadia pro, I simply claimed them because I could I would pay 8.99 just for 4k. It makes a huge difference What`s my other option for playing cyberpunk in 4k besides forking out hundreds for an initial hardware cost?

Yes, I did originally. It was one of the selling points of stadia. There are people out there who appreciate a beautiful game in 4K.

Whatever, man. Lol.

We can debate business models all day, lol. Imo it`s kind of ridiculous to complain about the $10 Pro sub with the value we`re getting. In Dec alone we got 9 games. We`re getting 5-6 games/month + the discounts.

Value changes drastically then. People have signed up for pro subscription just for 4K resolution in the games alone. You take that out of the equation, people will no longer sign up.

For some people, the value does change though. Stadia pro doesn`t always offer the games people want or like. Its a mixed bag. You buy cyberpunk on stadia but want 4k, pay the extra 8.99 a month versus getting a series X. 4k over 1080 is a big deal for some people.

That is next level business acumen. Not suitable for Twitter conversations sir. Please end this thread immediately. Self destruct mode on.

Their infrastructure has cost them money, yes. Also, they have costs for getting the stream all the way to us.

Unfortunately, 4K gaming is attached to hundreds of $$$ currently. Whether you pay the console, tv, computer and internet. Vs Stadia pro is $10 is the cheaper option of all of them.

Right.But we`re centering the argument around resolution paywalls when the cost to get these high resolutions is a monthly sub of 8.99 versus a cost of 400+ Cyberpunk,biggest game of the year. You want to play it in 4k,it`s gonna cost you 400+ 49.99 on local hardware 1/2

What do you mean "solution"? That implies a "problem". It costs them more to stream 4K to you than 1080p. There`s a big diff in data usage, 20 Mbps vs 35 Mbps. Google is a business and not a charity.

To that point, one might argue that Stadia is home to a host of features that consoles cant compete with, and Stadias giving it all away without a Pro subscription essentially free.

I understand where youre coming from; however, Stadia needs a lucrative way to make money outside of game purchases, or it wont have the funds to maintain the blades and high-speed internet that powers them. For me, I think Stadia putting 4K behind Pro is brilliant.

Stadia and other streaming services/platforms need ways to make money back as the hardware cost/point of entry is so low. 4k local is expected of course, your pay wall locally is the initial hardware cost. 1/2

This is the best point regarding 4K content. If content is purchased, it should stream up to your connections ability standard.

It`s $9.99 a month for Pro and 4K is not the only thing you get. Also HDR, 5.1 surround, Pro games and Pro discounts.

I have a feeling that when AV1 codec is finished and rolled out, 4K will be opened for everyone because of lower data usage. Either that or Free will get 4K60 when Pro gets 8K60/4K120.

When you`re playing Cyberpunk in 1080p, it`s loading a 1080p profile of the game. It`s not running in 4K and then downscaling to 1080p stream 4K streaming costs Google more to run, Stadia is the only cloud gaming platform/service that gives us 1080p for FREE instantly

I think it`s a matter of custom. Stream media usually charge for resolution, an example: Netflix that charges for resolution and number of screens simultaneously.

I`m sure that 4k will reach non-Pro users when they implement 8k for Stadia`s Pro subscriptions.

I get the argument, but we would have to change our overall purchase perception. Anything over the base should be an upgrade. Base game $60, 4K upgraded version $70 or $80 (Playstation ecosystem PS4 vs PS5 pricing). They are trying it. Guess we see which payment model wins out.

I think stadia`s counterpoint could be.... either pay $10 and play in 4k or Buy a console or build a pc and play in 4k.

I agree. Being in the industry. Consumers shouldnt pay for 4K. Its that simple. Regardless of upfront cost or not. This is a much bigger issue and most streaming companies are taking advantage of this for now.

Got ya. Well people need to realize on most if not all platforms, we generally pay an upcharge to play or watch or listen in the best quality. I see as just doing the same. Let`s take Cyberpunk for instance...

People do not mind paying a full price in a game with online on the Playstation and still paying the subscription of PS Plus to be able to play online for that same game. Why would they care about paying for the Stadia Pro subscription?

I agree in the respect of the consumer and whether it is `right` or not. Your paying 49.99 for a game then you expect all the features. However, if Google stadia was released as a console with hardware at 400+ I seriously doubt 4k would be locked behind pro.

Maybe. But it`s locked for a reason. Its a way of getting people to sign up and stay signed up to the pro sub. Enticement. Lots of different services/platforms do the same sort of thing. When xcloud upgrades the server blades you can guarantee that cost is going up

Geforce now only offers limited play session before you get kicked on it`s free service too and you have to wait for an available rig on its free service.

You pay full price for the game on a series X, you gotta fork out 400+ to play it (unless you want to play it on an original Xbox one and let`s not go there ) I completely get the reasoning why 4k is part of the pro offering.

Because the hardware is literally 0 cost In comparison to other services. Stadia is what 8.99 a month, that is 4 years of stadia pro before you get to the cost of a series X which offers 4k. There needs to be some enticement for people to pay for the pro sub.

So, are u thinking to increase price on games for 4K on for those without a pro subscription? That`s the only option I can see, because on any platform (music, movies) you actually pay extra upfront for 4K or high quality options...

The game itself IS 4K enabled. Why are we paying to unlock this on a platform. Thats just egregious.

After thinking about this I can agree with him. We shouldnt be forced to pay full price for a game to have 4k resolution options. That seems wild now that I really think about this as a consumer.

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