My favorite thing about Apple events is that whenever

June 11, 2021, 8:12 am
My favorite thing about Apple events is that whenever
My favorite thing about Apple events is that whenever they have to show a competing platform, they always do so on the ugliest hardware they could find lol

They Show how insecure they are of their customers loyalty

They know if they went to show one of the latest hardware, the reality will be out. After all who likes a big notch.

At least the dell laptop has 20H something windows The phone is Android 8.0 lol

Theyve use that same pc for years now

PC makers need to start making things with style.

Is that a Dell logo on the taskbar?

Is Psychopathic I think.

Of course... Imagine if they`d shown a SurfaceLaptop4 running microsoftedge. Their shares would have plumpeted!

Yes but Im quite sure there are more Windows and Android devices in the world that look like that than the ones you like

And the ugliest screenshot.

Those bezels are slimmer than on the surface Neo

I mean, Edge is right there on the desktop!

Even my 2004 laptop is better looking then that, still ugly, but not that ugly

In network environment it still shows a Crt monitor with a BSOD As far as the rest of my family knows all non-Apple products do look like that.

Show me a more insecure company as big and powerful as Apple

I just love it. Look at those freaking bezels!

now that just adds insult to injury

It is also highly inaccurate because as you can see in the pictures, they are all the same pictures just different layout which should not happen if they are showing real life use case

Looks like they bought this laptop specifically to take a screenshot too. Completely fresh windows install. To be fair it doesnt take much to look ugly next to an Apple device.

Also gotta admire the fact that Apple downloaded Chrome for its Windows screenshot instead of just using Edge lol

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